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With the continuous improvement of China's education level, there are many kinds of books and printed materials for children. Through these colorful and exquisite children, such as computer books and periodicals, children can gain knowledge. Because books and periodicals face special groups of children in society, the quality requirements for printed materials are very strict and must be environmentally friendly

according to the author's research, in recent years, children's books have a good development momentum and their sales have increased rapidly, so there is a new branch in the printing market, that is, children's printing market. At the beginning of this month, picture books, as a kind of children's books, play a very important role in the printing market. It is popular in the children's book publishing market. The price of picture books is relatively high, and there are rich processing profits

after entering the area of children's books in bookstores, you will see countless children's books. It is not easy for these books to enter the market. Its market access threshold is very high, and various institutions have high requirements for children's books, especially picture books. According to the analysis of insiders, picture books often attract children with colorful pictures, and with the continuous development of picture books, vigorously implement the introduction of innovation and Collaborative Innovation Exhibition, Picture books that can make sound have also been published. Therefore, picture books have relatively high requirements for book printing materials and binding, especially for printing color, design, safety and environmental protection. The processing technology is also very complex, requiring UV, embossing, colorful crystal, hot stamping, die cutting and other processes

because the market group and market demanders faced by picture books are children, this kind of people belong to our protected group, and children are relatively vulnerable. If the quality and materials of books are not environmentally friendly, children will be quite harmful after regular contact. Therefore, children are a special printing consumer group, which requires that non-toxic and environmentally friendly printing materials must be used when printing, and there are special requirements in die-cutting and origami processes, such as the corners of books should be die-cut into rounded corners to avoid hurting children

in recent years, injuries to children in society have aroused widespread concern in society, such as fake milk powder, some infectious diseases, etc. our government and people are very concerned about the healthy growth of children. Because they are the future of our motherland. Therefore, the health and safety of children's printed materials should also be considered. Once the products printed by some printing enterprises harm children, the consequences can be imagined

children's prints belong to hardcover books, which are generally exquisite and beautiful in color. At the same time, the production cost is also relatively high, so the way for printing enterprises to make profits, including 3D printing and sensors related to the third industrial revolution, is to try to reduce costs. Of course, reducing costs is on the premise of ensuring the quality of children's books. Therefore, the children's printing market should start from the interests of children, so that children can learn scientific knowledge through healthy and safe books and periodicals, and achieve the best printing quality, which is both an obligation and a responsibility for the flowers of the motherland

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