Special check valve for the hottest soda ash

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Special check valve for soda ash

I. overview

the special check valve for soda ash has beautiful appearance and reasonable structural design. The valve disc of the check valve opens under the action of fluid pressure, and the medium enters

3 Demonstration and utilization of marine economy: promote the use of high-performance concrete, high-performance corrosive steel, titanium alloy, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant copper alloy, and graphene modified heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings in the construction of Green Petrochemical bases and marine economy demonstration areas to the export side. When the pressure at the inlet side is lower than the pressure at the outlet side, the valve disc will be closed under the action of reset torsion spring, fluid pressure difference and its own gravity, so as to prevent medium backflow

II. Purpose

the special check valve for soda ash is applicable to more than 40% of new residential buildings that use plastic doors and windows; More than 80% of new residential buildings in Qingdao and Dalian use plastic windows to prevent media Backflow on various pipelines with nominal pressure of pn1.0~4.0mpa, nominal diameter of dn50~1200mm (nps2~48) and working temperature of

196~540 ℃. By selecting different valve materials, it can be applied to carbon dioxide, MI, MI

aii, semi II, nitric acid, acetic acid, strong oxidation medium, urea and other special media

tip: when used in carbon dioxide medium, the temperature control of carbon dioxide should not be too high, because the dust in carbon dioxide gas is easy to enter the gap of

and cause the valve disc to jam. According to the long-term experience in the soda industry, it is suggested that the carbon dioxide temperature should be controlled at 80~100 ℃, because the carbon control temperature is too high, which is very easy to cause screw compressor failure

III. structural features

1. The structural length is short, which is only 1/4~1/8 of the traditional flange check valve

2. Small size, light weight, its weight is only 1/4~1/20 of the traditional flange check valve

3. under the action of the reset torsion spring, the valve disc closes more quickly and sensitively, and the water hammer pressure is small

4. both horizontal and vertical pipes can be used, which is convenient for installation

5. the flow passage is unobstructed and the fluid resistance is small

6. there is a reasonable transition rotation clearance between the valve disc hole and the valve shaft in the design, which increases the sensitivity and sealing of the valve disc when opening and closing

7. the angular stroke of the valve disc rotates, and the closing impact is small

8. the overall structure is simple and compact, and the shape is beautiful

9. There is a plug blowing device, and the dust (crystallization, scarring, scaling) in the valve cavity can be regularly purged with high-pressure steam

10. long service life and high reliability

IV: common accidents and elimination methods:

leakage at the connection: cause the nut of the connecting bolt is not tight or the tightness is uneven, and the gasket is damaged. Elimination methods ④ tighten the bolt evenly, remove dirt, and replace the gasket during the process of installing and changing the experimental machine for the first time

seal leakage: the reason is that there is dust, crystallization, scarring and scaling on the sealing surface. The elimination method is to connect the purging device, and the valve sealing surface can be purged by high-pressure steam regularly

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