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Under the new economic normal, Shanghai international power and electrician exhibition has opened up new business opportunities for enterprises

as China's economic development has entered the new normal, as the basic energy industry for economic development, although the power demand intensity has slowed down slightly, the power industry is still growing. According to the analysis and prediction of the development research center of the State Council, the total energy consumption can reach about 5 billion tons of standard coal in 2020 and about 6 billion tons of standard coal in 2030, with the total energy consumption increasing by nearly two thirds. However, the negative impact of energy consumption on the environment is huge. It is imperative to build a sustainable green economic system with low input, high output, low consumption and less emissions

green development under the new normal requires the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of energy structure. The 10th Shanghai international power equipment and technology exhibition and the 2015 international power automation equipment and Technology Exhibition (EP Shanghai 2015) with the theme of intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection and the 2015 China International power energy conservation and environmental protection technology and equipment exhibition will respond to the new normal of energy development, A one-stop power system exhibition platform will be constructed. The exhibition will appear in the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall on October, 2015, with an estimated scale of 35000 square meters

smart, energy-saving and environmental protection exhibition areas, help the new normal of green development

promote the green development of energy equipment, vigorously develop UHV and other high-capacity, high-efficiency advanced transmission technology and equipment, optimize resource allocation, solve large-scale access and long-distance transmission of electricity, build unified and strong smart electricity, and improve the efficiency of transmission and distribution. As one of the supporting platforms for the construction of strong smart electricity in the country, this exhibition will once again work with smart electricity enterprises to create a smart electricity and automation zone to respond to the market demand for the development of new technologies and equipment of smart electricity, including abb, Toshiba, Schneider, leadstep, Hitachi, Guodian Nari, Pinggao electric, XJ electric, Siyuan electric, Guodian Nanzi, Shanghai Huaming, Great Wall Electric, Jicheng electronics and other well-known exhibitors in the industry, A series of intelligent transmission and distribution equipment, intelligent dispatching, intelligent power communication and information solutions will be displayed

secondly, reducing the pollution of coal-fired power generation is also one of the reforms to develop a green economy. In 2014, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of environmental protection and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the coal power energy conservation and emission reduction upgrading and transformation plan, which puts forward new requirements and upgrading and transformation schedule for energy conservation and emission reduction in the coal-fired power generation industry. Ultra low emission standards will become the new normal of the coal-fired power generation industry with accurate records. The "energy conservation and environmental protection" sub exhibition successfully held in the last session will continue to work together with Fujian Longjing environmental protection, Huadian Everbright environmental protection, Tiandi environmental protection, China Power Investment Yuanda environmental protection, Yuanchen environmental protection, Boqi power, Datang technology, Guodian Qingxin, Nanjing Kaifa environmental protection, baolaier, etc. to show the flue gas treatment technology and equipment of thermal power plants, waste water treatment technology and equipment of thermal power plants, solid waste treatment technology of thermal power plants Energy saving/water saving/oil saving technology and equipment of thermal power plants, waste heat utilization/power generation/cogeneration and other technical service products related to energy conservation and environmental protection of thermal power plants, etc. In addition, a China power energy conservation and environmental protection technology exchange meeting will be held at the same time, involving issues such as flue gas denitration technology, dust removal technology, comprehensive utilization, energy conservation and so on, to create the best platform for energy conservation and environmental protection technology exchange and brand promotion in the power industry

power engineering quality zone, implement the power safety production

infrastructure construction as an important means to stimulate the economy and a new driving force for stable growth, which brings broad prospects to the domestic and foreign engineering markets. EP Shanghai 2015 cooperates with the power engineering quality supervision station for the first time this year to build an information and technology exchange platform to promote the development of power engineering quality and improve the safety level of the industry for enterprises in the fields of power engineering, electrical testing, operation and maintenance, quality supervision and management, promote the promotion and application of relevant new technologies and equipment, and establish a docking platform for the procurement and supply of power control and testing equipment. At the same time, "China International Power Control and testing management and technology exchange meeting" was held, and power quality supervision institutions, testing institutions, infrastructure departments of owners, safety supervision and quality departments, engineering construction companies, and technology and equipment manufacturers were strongly invited to participate in the meeting to share new technologies of power engineering and testing, market status and trends

internationalization platform, create new development of enterprises

the country actively promotes the strategy of bringing in and going out. At present, China has signed 12 free trade agreements, involving 20 countries and regions, and has made facilitation arrangements in the fields of foreign investment, contracting projects and so on. In response to the call of the state, EP Shanghai 2015 will not only bring the business department of the U.S. Embassy in China, the German exhibition group, the Taiwan electric and electronic industry association and other groups to participate in the exhibition, but also welcome the business department of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation to participate in the exhibition, and will invite the Russian Ministry of energy to analyze the opportunities for Chinese enterprises to develop in Russia and help Chinese enterprises develop overseas markets. The exhibition is expected to attract 900 international well-known exhibitors/brands at home and abroad, as well as 26000 professional visitors from home and abroad, and work together to create an international feast for the power industry

in addition, EP Shanghai 2015 not only provides a one-stop exhibition platform for power transmission and distribution, power automation, smart electricity, energy conservation and environmental protection, and power engineering quality, but also 1. First of all, we should understand: during the exhibition according to relevant standards, we provide business matching between buyers and exhibitors, organize association groups and buyer groups to visit the booth, and hold more than 20 strategic investment forums with various themes and lack of research resources, It covers the four product sectors of power automation, smart electricity, power energy conservation and environmental protection, power generation and distributed energy, and extends to the whole industry, bringing more information and opportunities to exhibitors. In order to enrich the purchasing experience of the visiting group, the conference will actively organize plant inspection activities to provide more interaction opportunities for relevant audiences and enterprises

launch a new electronic promotion platform in an all-round way. 365 days of publicity adds value to exhibitors.

as a brand exhibition in the power industry, in recent years, each exhibition has attracted more than 900 enterprises/brands to display their brand image and promote new products and technologies on the EP Exhibition platform. In order to help exhibitors build a 365 day all-round promotion platform in a more comprehensive way, in addition to organizing professional buyers at home and abroad such as power companies, power engineering companies, power material companies, power design institutes, industrial enterprise users, and construction industry users to visit the exhibition during the work piston up games, the organizers also carried out the publicity of new electronic promotion media in an all-round way, with 365 days of uninterrupted exhibitions, convention stations Cooperative industrial media EP Shanghai 2015 professional edition, Weibo, Baidu, Google, Facebook, etc. update exhibition information from time to time, customize electronic newspapers, and update exhibitors' new products, new technologies and other information to professional buyers

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