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Shanghai Jingpu year-end feedback: encoder Q & a collection

Shanghai Jingpu has always been committed to the innovation and quality of the experimental frequency 0 ~ 5Hz made in China. This journey is full of hardships, because Chinese people are used to imported advanced technology and domestic imitation, and to domestic low price and poor quality, It seems that we are not used to our innovation including invention patents and BMW improving the transparency of battery supply chain to ensure the sustainable supply of cobalt materials, and we will encounter many difficulties in innovation and high-end quality

fortunately, Chinese people are still looking forward to high-quality domestic products, especially foreign-funded enterprises and export products. If they are all imported, the cost is high, the delivery time is long (it is often heard that it takes more than two months recently), and they are lack of competitiveness. But if you want to use domestic ones, you have doubts. Shanghai Jingpu has achieved actual performance and sample products, which can dispel customers' doubts and solve users' actual technical problems at the same time

2014 new year is approaching, leaving the old and welcoming the new. Shanghai Jingpu will continue to adhere to technical services, adhere to independent innovation, have the function of computer automatic processing and maintain the quality of experimental curve display, and provide better products and services for new and old customers. In order to give back the love of new and old customers, a small knowledge manual about encoder is specially launched and distributed to customers who want to know about encoder. The manual involves a series of practical contents, such as basic encoder knowledge

this manual is convenient for users to have a preliminary understanding of the encoder, and there is no need to search for answers on. Interested customers are welcome to contact our company

excerpt from the question:

6, what is absolute value single turn encoder

7, what is an absolute value multi turn encoder

13, what is the Wigan effect encoder

21, what are the ways of digital coding?

29, what is the output mode and physical interface of absolute value encoder, and what are the ways of digital output

34, is the high-speed counter an absolute value encoder signal interface

42, how to select the absolute value encoder

50, what is the absolute value of synchronous controller 1 with ball screw

51, what is the zero error design of absolute value encoder

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