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Shanghai Jinpeng: crude oil returned to above $131, and Shanghai oil fell in the late trading.

the crude oil period on the New York Mercantile Exchange rebounded to above $131 on Wednesday. As supply concerns outweighed negative factors, WTI crude oil period in July rose by about $2.18 to $131.03, or 1.7%, heating oil period in June rose by about 2.51 cents, and rbob period in June rose by about 6.46 cents. The overnight rise in crude oil was partly due to news from Nigeria: the country's oil minister said that shell's production capacity was reduced by about 130000 barrels a day last week due to the destruction of oil facilities by militants. In addition, Morgan Stanley's report to its customers also boosted sentiment, saying that the limited supply situation in the world oil market will make Brent crude oil easily rise to $150 a barrel

the International Energy Organization predicts that the global crude oil demand will increase by 1million barrels per day, that is, the demand will be 86.8 million barrels per day, due to the increase in crude oil consumption in China and other countries. The United States, the world's largest consumer of crude oil, saw demand decline after crude oil prices reached a record high. The Department of energy and information announced on Wednesday that crude oil demand in the United States fell by 4.3% in the first quarter, close to 900000 barrels per day, and the daily consumption was 19.9 million barrels per day. This is the lowest level since mid-2003

Asian countries raised fuel oil prices in consideration of their budgets, as crude oil prices remained at record highs. Recently, oil traders in Indonesia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh raised fuel oil prices. Analysts said that other countries may raise oil prices accordingly

on Thursday, U.S. demand is expected to increase, as shown by the oil data released by the EIA over the weekend of May 23. It was previously estimated that the U.S. gasoline inventory decreased and was increasingly widely used. 300000 barrels, distillate oil inventory increased by 800000 barrels, and crude oil inventory remained unchanged

the Shanghai oil 0808 contract was 4829 in the morning. The opening high was volatile, and the intraday fell suddenly. The late position decreased and accelerated to fall, closing at 4782, down 39 points, and the position decreased by 1750. It is suggested that at present, there are more than 10 plastic new material production enterprises, including Dinghao and Guanwei, supporting new material research and development laboratories and research and development centers, which continue to be Sandvik mines respectively, with 4800 as the stop loss

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