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Shanghai Jingpu made its debut at r+t Asia 2015 Asian door and window shading exhibition

as a leading procurement platform in the door and window shading industry in the Asia Pacific region, r+tasia has gone through 10 years, witnessed the development and progress of China's door and window shading industry, and experienced the ups and downs of the industry with many domestic enterprises. In this process, r+tasia is also growing, adapting to market development, upgrading and innovation, and maintaining its foreign trade advantages. At the same time, it is actively exploring domestic trade channels to truly build r+tasia platform into an industry-leading brand trade exhibition

Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical Co., Ltd. will continue to recommend the use of rotary encoder and its application to the automatic door industry with the help of this exhibition. At this exhibition, visitors can intuitively see how our encoder is applied and how its effect is specially designed for safety valve enterprises from the booth of door opener enterprises. Welcome to the exhibition

key publicity:

on site demonstration of two-way motor synchronous encoder display platform

publicity of intelligent door and window opening control

servo absolute value full closed loop control

bearingless induction electronic multi turn absolute value encoder

new incremental encoder (gi40)

New drawstring absolute value encoder II

the experience of Shanghai Jingpu for 15 years is devoted to the research and development and production of encoders and continuous technological innovation, One invention patent, and more than one new application patent in general cases; Gex series full stroke absolute value multi turn coder has passed various tests and become the company's utility model patented product. With high-quality product design, factory standards, excluding damage and low-cost prices, a complete range of electrical output types, its performance exceeds that of many world-famous brands; In many industries at home and abroad, our products have achieved the recycling of resources and have been widely praised by customers

encoder is also widely used in various engineering projects such as water conservancy, steel, oil, ships, wind power generation, port machinery, lifting and transportation, engineering machinery, tower crane, transportation and mining machinery, artillery vacuum exhaust devices, radar and other military and aerospace equipment

we sincerely invite you to attend, and welcome new and old customers to come to this booth for business negotiation and technical exchange at that time

exhibition time: to

exhibition venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

booth location: N1 hall G43 Shanghai Jingpu electromechanical Co., Ltd

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