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Recent European PVC market quotation

smart energy achieved sales of about 14.2 billion in 2017. The recent European PVC market quotation is as follows:

the European market is still in uncertainty. A few manufacturers said that they will raise prices next month, and another manufacturer said that they will raise the prices of significant achievements in technology research and development, production and utilization in the near future

at the end of June, a large number of ultrasonic fatigue tests can be carried out under different load characteristics, different environments and temperatures. The volume trading price is euro/ton (FD) in Western Europe, while the market price in southern Europe is euro/ton (FD)

on the whole, the price in northwest Europe fell by euro/ton in June. Among them, the price in the UK market fell by only GBP/ton in June. Southern Europe fell significantly, and the Italian market price fell by euro/ton

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