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Recent domestic aromatics market quotation

recent domestic aromatics market quotation

June 26, 2002

pure benzene: this number of manufacturers did not adjust the ex factory price, and some refineries raised their quotation according to the rise of the external market, but the transaction price of

has not changed significantly, and the price adjustment behavior of refineries has no impact on the market for the time being. The main reason for the plight of the pure benzene market is that the downstream styrene, phenol and their derivatives markets are generally weak, and the prices have fallen one after another. If the pure benzene market rises,

will inevitably lead to the profit decline of downstream manufacturers. Therefore, refineries, middlemen and end users will wait and see in many places, and the market sentiment is low

, but the apparent calm can still be maintained. It is expected that under the premise of hopeless growth of downstream demand, although refineries still control inventory at a low level, the recent trend of the domestic pure benzene market is still not optimistic

toluene: there is no change in the market base, and the weak situation tends to intensify. The quotation of the external market has fallen repeatedly, and there is no doubt that it has worsened the domestic market in the off-season of demand, and the trading volume is scarce. Under the condition of low inventory pressure

, refineries mainly focus on price stabilization. In contrast, the decline in the southern market is more severe. It is reported that the supply of goods at Guangdong terminals is sufficient, and the price

grid is adjusted downward. At the beginning of the week, the selling price is about 3100 yuan/ton, and the inventory is 15000 tons. Affected by it, the sales of northern refinery

weakened and the quotation fell. It is expected that the overall trend of toluene tends to decline

xylene: the lack of demand restricts the current xylene market, and there is no possibility of reversal in the short term. Domestic merchants

purchase intention. Jinan testing machine factory is the first choice for the selective testing machine. Affected by this, the quotation in the Asian market has fallen repeatedly, and the market atmosphere is quite pessimistic. Northern refinery, in addition to maintaining normal mutual supply, the shipment volume is low. Southern end-users received goods coldly, and the inventory increased, but the "price is relatively stable" in Guangdong. It is reported that the dumping price of Guangdong wharf is about 3700 yuan/ton, and the inventory is tons

it is expected that the price of xylene will still fall in the near future

phenethyl software can remotely upgrade alkene: the market of downstream derivatives is weak, and the operating rate of manufacturers is declining, resulting in a sharp reduction in the demand for styrene. The price of the foreign

market fell sharply, losing support to the domestic market. It is reported that the price in the northern market has fallen below 5900 yuan/ton,

due to the gap of the screw rod, the future experimental data quotation will hover between yuan/ton. The market in South China and East China is slightly higher, at yuan/ton. The refiner lowered the quotation, but the actual sales situation did not improve significantly. It is expected that there will be no turnaround in the Styrene Market in the short term, and the market will continue to decline

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