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Recent price trend of acetic acid and other products in the southwest market

acetic acid: the trend is relatively stable, and the price rises slightly. The rise and fall of raw material prices, although 66 residential interior partition light slats have a certain impact on the cost of acetic acid, but the product price has little change. The recent trend of the downstream market is good. The acetate Market is relatively stable, and downstream products such as purified terephthalic acid are active. The overall market demand for acetic acid is still relatively stable. At the same time, the strong price of acetic acid in the outer market has a positive boost to market sentiment. However, it is reported that the inventory of suppliers has increased recently, and the transportation of goods is being strengthened. The price setting is mainly stable, so the market price is sideways. At present, the market reference price of acetic acid in Southwest China is 4450 ~ 4600 yuan/ton

vinyl acetate: the market fluctuated at a high level, and the price increased slightly in a stable manner. On the supply side, due to the high price of vinyl acetate in the outer disk and the high import cost recently, the acetic acid oscillation test has been paid attention by all walks of life. The import volume of ethylene has been reduced, which has not only boosted the market popularity of vinyl acetate, but also reduced the spot supply in the market. In addition, it is reported that some units in the West purchased a large vinyl acetate device in the South with public funds, which will be overhauled for one month later this month, Suppliers began to prepare goods during the parking period, resulting in a decrease in the supply of goods in the market, and users' interest in entering and purchasing increased. In the downstream products, the price of PVA has increased steadily, the production plant is running at full capacity, and the demand for raw materials is very strong; The market demand for adhesives is strong. The price of VAE lotion reaches 8000 yuan/ton, and the supply exceeds the demand, which provides a very favorable support for the vinyl acetate Market. In terms of price, due to the smooth sales of vinyl acetate, the market price of this period continues to fluctuate strongly. At present, the market reference price of vinyl acetate in Southwest China is 8200 ~ 8350 yuan/ton

phenol: the market is very strong, and the price rises sharply. The price of phenol in the southwest market rose sharply in this period. The main reason is the shortage of phenol supply. Due to the tight supply in the international market and the sharp rise in prices, the number of imported phenol has been sharply reduced. At the same time, some of the main domestic production units have been shut down and some are about to enter the maintenance. The spot supply in the market is tight, and facing the expectation of further aggravation, the manufacturer has also significantly increased the ex factory price. When the market buying mentality rose, dealers were unwilling to sell their inventories happily because of the difficulty of purchasing, which contributed to the sharp rise in the price of phenol. At present, the market reference price of phenol in Southwest China is 10400 ~ 10600 yuan/ton

acetone: the market is rising strongly, and the price continues to rise. The price of acetone in Southwest China continued to rise in this period. One reason is that due to the high price of upstream raw materials, the price of acetone must be improved, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the industry and enterprises must operate at a high price; The second reason is the strong rise of the external market trend, which makes the cost of imported goods rise step by step; Third, the limited import volume and the continuous maintenance and shutdown of domestic devices have led to the shortage of spot supply and the decline of social stock. Supported by favorable factors, manufacturers raised their ex factory prices accordingly, which contributed to the active trading atmosphere and promoted the rise of market prices. At present, the market reference price of acetone in Southwest China is 7200 ~ 7400 yuan/ton

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