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Mountain Machinery: it can be bought and used well, and the service is up to standard

machinery, a 60 year old brand. Ten years ago, it became its brand. As a global leader in construction machinery and one of the world's top 500 enterprises, Peller's brand endorsement for mountain machinery is obvious to all. Shangong machinery also takes this opportunity to speed up its internationalization. The piston stroke (mm) is 200

on August 18, after the celebration of the 60th anniversary of SMC, Marcio Vieira, global product manager of SMC brand, Hamid lavassani, general manager of SMC global and channel, and majianping, general manager of caterpillar (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd. explored the extraordinary growth path of SMC

Majianping believes that the basis for the cooperation between caterpillar and mountain machinery stems from the common value pursuit of both sides. The second is to learn from each other and quickly absorb caterpillar's production system, international advanced management experience and strong system. Caterpillar learned from Shangong machinery's grasp of Chinese customer demand and in-depth understanding of the market. The advantages of both sides complement each other, creating the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. Third, both sides have a down-to-earth, hardworking, loyal and dedicated staff team. Fourth, both of them can "be vigilant in times of safety". Caterpillar will regularly train employees, keep pace with the times, strengthen technological transformation, and accumulate and summarize the development experience of enterprises for a century

majianping, general manager of caterpillar (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd., talked about the market positioning. Marcio Viera made it clear that mountain machinery adheres to three principles for market positioning: affordable, good use and good service. With strong technical support, the product is easy to use and users can feel the extraordinary experience it brings. In order to improve the product performance of mountain machinery, caterpillar has invested to establish a world-class R & D center in Qingdao, integrating overseas and Chinese technicians, building a communication bridge through the Chinese English bilingual management team and increasing technical services to minimize cultural differences; At the same time, by using the technical team platform and cooperating with the global technical team, we have repeatedly arranged product application and R & D personnel to conduct in-depth research on customer needs. Taking customer needs as the core and helping customers create high profits as the starting point, we have invested a large amount of funds and researchers to collect a variety of Global Voices, learn, research and develop at the same time, and launch products that satisfy Chinese users. On the day of the event, Shangong machinery released two new products: the 8-ton sem680d and the se variant 1 extensive plastic granulator as a combination, and the intelligent plastic granulator m822d

Marcio vieira

global product manager of Shangong machinery brand, as one of the representative works of China's large tonnage loader market, the performance of sem680d is in a leading position among the same type of loading products at home and abroad, and it is one of the key technical products owned by Shangong machinery. The whole machine adheres to the design concept of solid and durable mountain machinery, applies the world's leading transmission and hydraulic design, comprehensively improves the design and manufacturing level, and makes the whole machine more reliable and efficient. The demand for large tonnage loaders is a growing trend in China. Mountain machinery will also follow the market trend and gradually invest its technology research and development and product development into the large tonnage market to meet the diversified needs of more users

sem822d is an updated iteration product of the classic bulldozer model sem822 of mountain machinery. It maintains the consistent tough, manufacturing resistant and efficient product characteristics of mountain machinery. It has a solid and reliable structure, a more sensitive operating system and more convenient maintenance, and meets customers' needs for some key functions

as a wholly-owned subsidiary of caterpillar, there is no essential difference between the export methods of products of Mountain Machinery in China and those of foreign countries, and only minor adjustments will be made according to different usage habits. Marcio Viera said, "we usually aim at the largest market demand, measure customer business requirements in an all-round way, and then add some special configurations according to different customers, or develop independently according to special needs. Our design and R & D team in Qingdao can produce the best quality products with the help of global R & D resources and market resources."

Hamid lavassani

hamid lavassani, general manager of global sales and channels of Shangong machinery, believes that the rapid development of Shangong machinery benefits from seizing the opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, fully responding to the "innovation and intelligent manufacturing plan", insisting on innovation and positive research and development, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of relevant industries with efficient, intelligent and green products, so as to continuously maintain the leading edge of its own products. At the same time, Through the continuous expansion of product lines and value-added services, we will bring the best solutions to customers, continue to change to lightweight design, and increase the research and development of products that are easy to operate, smooth and fast, with large boom digging force, well-known and efficient operation, high overall stability, and can adapt to various harsh working conditions, so as to better apply to the loading, unloading and stacking of mineral powder, coal, bulk materials, and large logs, Bring the maximum value to Chinese and world customers

an important factor for good products is high-quality after-sales service. Relying on the global parts supply system, caterpillar makes every effort to provide customers with spare parts services, and has formulated detailed standards for service response time and diagnosis and maintenance efficiency, requiring agents to meet and meet such standards. To this end, the company has set up an agent development department to ensure that agents can meet the required standards

as a global enterprise, sustainable development is one of Caterpillar's five values. Mountain machinery has inherited this important concept. With the improvement of environmental protection indicators, caterpillar Qingzhou has strengthened its technological transformation by increasing intelligent robots and establishing large-scale processing centers, striving to achieve healthy and sustainable development. Majianping is full of hope for the future of mountain machinery. "I will realize global strategy and eventually become a century old enterprise through market globalization, full seriation of products, excellent employment, globalization and specialization of talent team."

SMCM will seize the strategic opportunity of the "the Belt and Road" in its future development, take the rise of China's economy as an opportunity, take infrastructure construction as an important starting point, formulate a 5-10-year development plan for the circular business center, uphold and fulfill caterpillar's firm commitment to "help customers succeed and promote the development of China's construction machinery industry with high-efficiency, intelligent products and all-round services that meet the needs of the local market", Make every effort to move forward towards the "10000 sets" enterprise with an annual output, and promote the transformation and upgrading of China's construction machinery industry

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