The best way to clean the mold incubator

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Cleaning the mold incubator

the mold incubator is a kind of incubator, which mainly cultivates organisms and plants. Set the corresponding temperature and humidity in a dense space with the function of increasing the ambient temperature force value parameter setting of new models, so that the mold grows from left to right in hours, which can be used to artificially accelerate the propagation of mold, and assess the anti mold ability and mildew degree of electrical and electronic products. It is applicable to the scientific research, University experiment and production departments of environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, agriculture and livestock, drug inspection, aquatic products, etc

cleaning of mold incubator:

(1) wipe the dirt on the surface of the incubator with a fine soft cloth. Visually check that there is no detergent residue, and wipe it dry with a clean cloth

(2) after each use, clean the instrument immediately, hang corresponding marks, and fill in the use records in time

(3) if there is dust on the condenser behind the mold incubator, which will affect the heat dissipation, it can be blown away by a leather tiger after power failure

use and scope of application of the thin film pendulum impact tester:

(4) the incubator should be kept clean. It should be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent and then dried with a dry cloth.

(5) effect evaluation: the internal and external surfaces of the equipment should be bright and clean without stains

mold incubator is an important detection means in the artificial three prevention climate. It is used for storing bacteria and biological culture in Colleges and universities, medicine, military industry, electronics, chemical industry and biological research departments. It is a necessary test equipment for scientific research laboratories. It is used to test and judge its parameters and performance after the change of humid and hot temperature environment

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