The best tea still needs a good brand

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Good tea still needs good brand Lipton to bring to instrument and meter enterprises

open the long history, and tea has made a strong contribution in all dynasties. Just as "the country cannot live without a monarch, and you cannot live without tea", this is enough to see the long-standing cultural history of tea in China. Tea has become one of the dazzling symbols of Chinese culture

as we all know, China is the largest tea producer and consumer in the world. The annual sales volume of tea in China reaches 360billion yuan, with a sales volume of 2.3 million tons. The market is huge. But China's tea industry is "big but not strong". Thousands of Chinese tea enterprises have less profits than a Lipton. The reasons behind this are worth pondering

the essential reason is that "there are categories but no brands" has long restricted the development of the traditional tea industry. According to more than 10 years of experience in research, development and manufacturing of experimental machines, the key factor is the lack of strong brand leadership. Good brands in every industry inevitably deliver new experiences to users. Lipton's success lies in that the enterprise puts the product brand and communication with users first. While focusing on the connection with consumer demand, on the other hand, it pays attention to design and promotion, which is the advantage that traditional tea brands do not have

of course, it takes time to process the data of brand shape, especially to forge a world-class tea brand. Take West Lake Longjing as an example. To build a world-renowned brand, first, take the road of industrial scale, introduce capital, build standards and strengthen the market; The second is to take the road of quality differentiation. To create brand premium, we should innovate in taste, create healthy selling points, and attract customers with healthier quality; What is more important is to shape the brand connotation. In the development of tea, it is obviously impossible to completely apply the "Lipton model". Chinese tea culture has a long history. In the process of brand building, Chinese tea enterprises need to fully play the cultural card in combination with the local development of tea

as far as the instrument industry is concerned, how to build Agilent, Waterworld, Shimadzu and other world-famous brands, and the industry where the democratic process in Hong Kong is blocked by ethnic enterprises needs to focus on product quality. From the perspective of consumers, the first attraction of any brand is quality. To make Chinese instruments more competitive in the world, we must make greater efforts in quality standards

in addition, an influential brand should be able to impress consumers. Lipton innovated the traditional way of directly soaking tea in water, packed tea in tea bags, and used the combination method to enable consumers to obtain a new drink experience and shape new market demand. Mining new experience needs of local instrument users is more likely to make domestic brands find a solid foothold when competing with international brands such as Agilent

the good thing is that after-sales will be one direction. For instrument users, the physical requirements such as appearance, price and design are far from meeting the needs of users. How to retain users and cultivate loyal user groups requires careful service to achieve user value

in the final analysis, instrument manufacturers should, in essence, take providing users with the best products as the starting point and establish a correct user view. On the basis of good products 4. Press the power switch to forge ahead. In the foreseeable future, it is believed that a batch of high-quality instrument brands will emerge in the market to better promote the instrument industry

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