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Today, when oriental aesthetics is constantly mentioned, the new Chinese style presents an open attitude, maintains its own style, and captures the souls of many customization talents

today, when oriental aesthetics is constantly mentioned, the new Chinese style presents an open attitude, maintains its own style, and captures the souls of many customization talents

yes, she interprets the essence of Oriental culture with her elegance and grandeur; She also carries the resonance of our hearts with her introverted, deep, reserved and calm

today, there is a new batch of new Chinese style here in Dandan. I wonder if it can satisfy you

porch, the origin of artistic conception

How Chinese people have been paying attention to being implicit and introverted since ancient times. Just as the new Chinese porch has undertaken this important task and acted as the origin of artistic conception

however, our new Chinese style porch is still different from the traditional style. TA no longer has cumbersome and boring, nor complex and redundant designs

ta combines traditional elements with modern elements, which breaks the tradition but does not show an abrupt aesthetic feeling, and it has an inexplicable sense of poetic melody

living room, elegant hospitality zone

treating guests with tea is the etiquette of ancient human communication. The new Chinese style inherits the essence, and the design of the living room teahouse is quiet and meaningful, adding a lot of elegant artistic conception to the gossip between relatives and friends

as a social space, the floor cupboard + hanging cupboard + door covering cupboard also has a powerful storage function, so you can properly collect the valuable surroundings you travel around and bring into your pocket

decorate it with your heart. A simple storage cabinet can also serve as a display cabinet for handicrafts. Then put a bunch of flowers and plants, and the elegant atmosphere of life will diffuse

restaurant, exclusive space for delicious food

new Chinese style knows that modern people always want to do something when eating, such as drinking a little wine to add interest, such as playing hot pot to enhance feelings, so they have prepared a restaurant cabinet with a huge storage space

the log design of the dining table is full of weight. The pure technology of the back of the dining chair is laid on the floor layer by layer, which complements the side cabinet and decorates the whole dining room in a harmonious way

of course, if your family is a big family or a big boss with a round table plot, you might as well consider this design, so that your family can enjoy the same luxury scale as above

study, the place of wisdom inheritance

"a study, a couch and a small table can work and study." The new Chinese style returns to the root, giving you a relaxing, leisure and pure working space

when you are interested, prepare your pen, ink, paper and inkstone, sit quietly and write the ups and downs of the past or poetic life wantonly

in the morning or afternoon, or when you are confused, choose a favorite book from the cabinet, find a comfortable posture, and quietly find your passion for life

floating window cabinet, huge storage room

there are so many things in a family of three that they are messy, so how can families with two children escape this curse with tact

in fact, it's not difficult. As long as you make good use of the second bedroom space and install a floating window cabinet, the huge storage room can save you

the artistic conception space full of Chinese elements, in addition to meeting the functional storage needs, can also reveal the power of the soul, let you relax and resonate with it

cloakroom, the main theme of life

the overall design discards too much surface decoration, restores all body elements to the simplest plain logs, and allows the contrast of texture to naturally complete the detailed depiction

semi open cloakroom + square table integrating work, storage and viewing, creating a quiet bedroom atmosphere. While improving functionality, it can also give you an efficient and comfortable life experience

our new Chinese style is like this

advocating respect for the original ecological style

reflecting the low-key Oriental introversion in details

creating a pure and natural atmosphere

creating a deep feeling

"no Chinese style, not expensive"

the new Chinese style gives us

too many possibilities to explore and create

can't wait to embrace it

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