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Molike always adheres to: integrity management and quality first can give customers a real sense of security, and the enterprise can develop by leaps and bounds

recently, the issue of protecting the rights of female owners of Xi'an Benz continued to ferment on the Internet. The car owners bought more than 600000 cars, and the engine leaked without leaving the 4S store. After that, Xi'an market supervision department filed an investigation on the Mercedes Benz 4S store and instructed the 4S store involved to return the car and refund the money as soon as possible. Authoritative media such as people's daily and Xinhuanet also continued to voice. But now, the incident has escalated again: the female car owner was unwittingly opened Mercedes Benz finance and was forced to pay 15000 "financial service fees"

this incident triggered a heated discussion among netizens and exposed the adverse phenomena of many businesses. This kind of behavior of deceiving consumers and damaging consumers' rights and interests directly hinders the long-term development of enterprises. Molike always adheres to: integrity management and quality first can give customers a real sense of security, and the enterprise can develop by leaps and bounds

honesty and trustworthiness have been the foundation of self-cultivation and governance in China since ancient times. The ancients often said that "people do not stand without faith", "words must be believed, actions must be fruit" are all required to establish the concept of integrity. As an enterprise, we should also deeply realize the importance of integrity management. A new business platform with integrity, equality, interaction and harmony, with consumers as the core, is the only way for an enterprise to remain invincible

therefore, Molike resolutely said "no" to the acts that infringe on the rights and interests of consumers

in the long-term development of the enterprise, Molike has integrated the integrity management concept into every link, and built a relatively complete integrity system from the aspects of product quality, after-sales service, corporate culture, etc., thus providing a platform of integrity and harmony for consumers and employees

at the same time, in the process of operation, Molike also attaches great importance to self-discipline and standardized development, implements the awareness of self-discipline and standardization with practical actions, always puts consumer rights and interests in the first place, and strictly abides by the quality standard of protecting consumer rights and interests

selling inferior products for exorbitant profits? No

as a benchmark brand in the soft packaging industry, every product of Molike has gone through 185 production processes, passed 19 inspection indicators, and obtained international authoritative certification. The details of each process are for the birth of better quality

Molike wallcovering has five quality assurance from material to function, which ensures that the wallcovering plays the role of decoration, water and oil resistance, sound and heat insulation on the basis of green environmental protection

"top ten household fabric quality brands most trusted by consumers", "consumer favorite brands", "Chinese household product reputation brands", "Chinese household preferred brands" and other awards have confirmed the quality and reputation of Molike

cheat consumers to charge unreasonable fees? No

from the moment customers choose molyk soft packaging, molyk will provide free and perfect 1:1 customized service of "measurement home, scheme home, delivery home, installation home"

those who do not meet the first-class standard of gb/t19817-2005 fabrics for textile decoration and class C standard of gb-18401-2010 national basic safety technical specifications for textile products will be refunded in full

after sales is a blank paper, regardless? No

the five-star after-sales service makes customers worry free. And every service month, Molike will provide free door-to-door mite removal services for regular customers to convey the concept of health

quality is the foundation of an enterprise, and integrity is the soul of an enterprise. For 37 years, Molike has insisted on keeping improving production, meticulous service and honest and trustworthy operation. In the future, Molike will continue to innovate products, never forget its original intention, strictly control the quality, create a harmonious consumption environment, and create a better life for the majority of consumers

Molike curtain has advanced production equipment and design team. It has four modern chemical plants: weaving factory, cotton Thai factory, embroidery factory and finished product manufacturer. The huge R & D team integrates the cutting-edge design concept into the five style series products of European charm, simple style, urban leisure, natural poetry and fashion elements. Every two seasons, 600 new products with original copyright are launched to keep your home at the forefront of the trend. The overall soft clothing categories such as curtains, wall coverings, window decorations and soft bags are well-known nationwide

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