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Speaking of the decoration of small family bathroom, due to the limitations of objective conditions, small family bathroom will always encounter various troubles in the decoration. However, although the area is small, it can also be designed reasonably and practically. If it is a small family bathroom, how should it look good when it is decorated and designed? Do you have any good ideas about this problem? If you don't have a clear answer to this question, or if you are interested, you can take a look at the small bathroom decoration design renderings prepared by Xiaobian for you

the shower integrated with the bedroom is more private and convenient, and the simple decoration makes the space more stylish. The organic unity with the bedroom makes people more interesting

when decorating the wall of the bathroom space, we must fully consider the possible storage effect of the wall. If you need to place a lot of items, you might as well use the combination of shelves and lockers, and adopt the combination of opening and closing, which can not only maximize the storage area, but also avoid the clutter common in small family toilets

young people with avant-garde and fashionable life concepts can fully try different lifestyles in small houses. When the requirements for bathing cannot be met in a too small space, it is advisable to boldly adopt open design and officially enter the house with bathing as a part of life enjoyment

small house type is suitable for choosing bathroom mirror furniture with reasonable design, which can not only integrate the trivial things commonly used in the bathroom &mdash& mdash; Towels, cleaning supplies or small appliances are cleverly hidden behind the mirror, and because of the overall mirror design, they can stretch out a double sense of space

some small family toilets will have some more space occupying crenels out of thin air because of the pipes and ventilation. Although they cannot be removed, they can be “ Turn waste into treasure ”, For example, make several holes of the same size on the crenels around the bathtub, so that the bath supplies have a hiding place. The same tiles as the surrounding walls are paved on the concave hole, which is not only beautiful, but also expands the storage space, and it is also very convenient to use

with full consideration of the practical functions of moisture-proof and waterproof, we can break the Convention and enrich the material selection of toilets. On the basis of harmonious color system, using wallpaper, floor tiles and marble as the division of small space functional areas can not only meet the functional needs of space, but also give people a refreshing feeling

the toilet in the small family bathroom can choose the wall row type with relatively small floor area. There is no conventional water tank design, which makes the wall have more “ Vacuum zone ”, Then, without affecting the toilet, you can use this space to make some shelves, which can be made of wood, glass, etc., and the shelves can be placed with toilet paper, towels, detergent, female hygiene products, etc

the integrated design of shower and bath is a good choice for small family to install bathtubs, but this method also pays special attention to the sanitary cleaning of bathtubs. The waterproof curtain is beautiful and practical, separating dry and wet. Two pots of cute and small potted plants give vitality to the bathroom with insufficient lighting and ventilation

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