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On the morning of March 29, 2013, the 2012 Zhejiang provincial government quality award recognition conference was held in the Great Hall of the people of Zhejiang Province. At the meeting, relevant provisions such as the "measures for the administration of the Zhejiang Provincial Government Quality Award (revised in 2012)" and the "rules for the implementation of the evaluation and management of the Zhejiang provincial government quality award" were read out, and five enterprises that won the Zhejiang provincial government quality award in 2012 were announced and commended. Zhejiang Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd., as the first wood industry enterprise in Zhejiang Province to win this award, has also filled the gap of the "provincial government quality award" in Huzhou City

Zhejiang provincial government quality award is the highest quality award in Zhejiang Province established by the provincial government. It was first established in 2010 and reviewed once a year. It is an award for enterprises or other organizations engaged in product production, engineering construction, service provision and environmental protection to implement excellent performance management and achieve significant economic and social benefits. No more than 5 enterprises or organizations will win the prize each time, and each will be rewarded with 1million yuan. At present, 15 enterprises in Zhejiang Province have won this honor

the 2012 Zhejiang provincial government quality award was submitted to the executive meeting of the provincial government for examination and approval after organizing the application, qualification examination, data evaluation, on-site evaluation, review and voting of the jury and online publicity, and finally with the consent of the leaders of the provincial government. Five award-winning enterprises were selected

"in the whole selection process of the provincial government quality award, Shiyou passed the qualification review, data review, on-site review and jury review, and was highly affirmed by the jury with significant economic and social benefits." Ni Fangrong, chairman of Shiyou wood industry, said in an interview with the media

since its establishment, Shiyou has been actively committed to the construction of quality and integrity. Since 2007, the excellent performance management mode has been introduced, and a leap from excellence to excellence has been achieved in quality integrity construction, business management and other aspects. In 2009, it won the "Zhejiang Quality Award" issued by Zhejiang Quality Association, and became the only flooring enterprise in Zhejiang Province at that time; In the same year, it won the "national advanced enterprise implementing excellent performance model" issued by China Quality Association; In 2011, it won the "National Quality Award" issued by China Quality Association

at the meeting, vice governor Zhu fully affirmed the achievements of the five award-winning enterprises and put forward clear requirements for the next step of building a strong quality province. The provincial government is also formulating an action plan to follow the example of the construction of a strong quality Province in 2013

vice governor Zhu also pointed out that all relevant departments and enterprises in all regions must pay close attention to quality work with a highly responsible attitude and a pragmatic style, so as to continuously improve the overall quality level of our province. We will improve the quality satisfaction of the people with solid work and successfully complete all tasks this year. Make new contributions to the comprehensive construction of a modern Zhejiang Province with two rich areas




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