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Speaking of bathroom cabinet, it should also be regarded as a necessary product in modern home decoration. Bathroom cabinets can be bought as finished products, laid by Tilers at home, made by carpenters, or customized by merchants who make customized furniture, etc. In terms of bathroom cabinet materials, the most common ones are solid wood, multilayer boards, PVC, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. The following is to introduce the purchase principles of bathroom cabinets and why bathroom cabinets crack

bathroom cabinet purchase principle

1 Material is very important

bathroom cabinets have a variety of materials, which have different advantages and disadvantages, and can bring different visual feelings, so you need to choose according to your own preferences or bathroom style

2. Check the surface quality of the bathroom cabinet

if there are bubbles in the glass, if there are bubbles, it means that this bathroom cabinet is of poor quality; Or, if there are patterns on the surface of the bathroom cabinet basin, the owner should carefully check whether the patterns on the surface of the bathroom cabinet are clear, etc. only the bathroom cabinet with clear lines and smooth materials is a high-quality bathroom cabinet

3. Go to the regular building materials market to buy

decoration. When choosing bathroom cabinets, owners cannot determine which brand is satisfactory to themselves and is the best bathroom cabinet brand in the market. Then, please first understand the relevant bathroom cabinet brand enterprises through the network, or participate in the discussion and exchange between relevant friends to obtain first-hand information, and then choose one or more brands, Learn about the style parameter types of relevant products through its official website, and purchase in the formal building materials market after mastering a series of sufficient data

why does the bathroom cabinet crack

1 Caused by wood characteristics

as long as the bathroom cabinet is made of real wood, it is normal to have slight cracking, and the wood characteristics are like this, and the wood that does not crack does not exist. Generally, it will crack slightly, but it will not burst. It will break through. A little repair can restore the beauty

2. The wood must be dried before processing, which is an important step to avoid the cracking of the bathroom cabinet. However, some inferior manufacturers did not carry out strict drying treatment because of equipment, cost and other problems, or they were used in production because of insufficient storage time after drying

3. Due to improper maintenance and use

even under the normal drying treatment, it may also cause cracking due to external reasons. For example, in the north, the weather is cold in winter, and every home has heating. If the bathroom cabinet is close to the heating for a long time to bake, or if you don't pay attention to maintenance in summer, it is exposed in the hot sun, etc., it is easy to cause the bathroom cabinet to burst and deform, thus affecting the service life of the bathroom cabinet

editor's summary: This is the introduction about the purchase principles of bathroom cabinets and why bathroom cabinets crack. I hope it will be helpful to you. You can pay attention to information if you want to know more about it





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