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In recent years, the price of prototype materials has been raised wildly, and no company in the home building materials industry has been affected by it. As for aluminum alloy door and window companies, manufacturers say that they will rise as soon as they rise, and some franchisees also have difficulties. However, after the new year, the quotation of raw materials has soared again, and the quotation has once again become a sharp sword. In such a situation, how should franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows deal with it

the price has soared. Needless to say, whether it is the aluminum alloy profile manufacturers driving up prices or the real economic recovery, it is not a job that the aluminum alloy door and window franchisees can manipulate, so there is no need to pay more attention. As a franchisee of aluminum alloy doors and windows, there is only one thing we should do our best to consider and do our best: how to pass this level

1. Mentality doubt. The upstream aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers say that they will go up as soon as they say it goes up. With a notice, the quotation will change. At most, there will be a few days to stock up, and the number of goods prepared at the original price will be limited. As a vulgar business, facing the end-users, I have no bargaining right at all, and once again I personally feel the "clamping down" that a business has to suffer. Even the old franchisees who have experienced many price increases are hard to calm down this time. But what we need most in this period is calmness. If we can find out that all this is caused by fate, maybe it will suddenly happen

2. Do you want to take the lead in raising prices? Do you want to raise the price when the user's inventory is running out? Maybe waiting for local big brands to raise prices together? It all makes sense, but it's not a panacea. In the trend of raising prices, there is no one size fits all policy. The key is to see your grasp of opportunities and your ability to act as a team. Even if you don't know how to do it, at least you should know what work you can't do. Some insiders believe that the last thing we should do is to say that we should raise the price, but we don't dare to really raise it, offending users, and not getting any benefits for ourselves

3. Treat users differently. Excellent users rise slowly, calculate the fluctuation of price increase carefully, and consider the price increase policy. And for those "chicken rib users" who don't want to cooperate continuously for a long time, goodbye. We admire some franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows for their smooth business. It should be noted that they are a customer group that has been screened and cultivated for many years. In this process, they say goodbye to many "chicken rib users". Do you know

4. The price increase policy should be as rich and diverse as possible to prevent one size fits all. The price increase policy should be tailored to the psychological needs of different users (note that we will never take care of the capital needs of users during this period), so that customers can feel that you still cherish them in difficult circumstances

5. Quotation and capital can be exchanged. During the price increase period, users with relatively good cash flow may be willing to accept the price increase policy of capital for quotation. If the franchisee's capital can withstand for the time being, it's OK to exchange a sum of money in this way. Doing so may help the franchisee rush to the manufacturer to buy more goods with the original quotation in time, at least helping to improve cash flow

external factors are irresistible, and the price increase of aluminum alloy profiles is inevitable. As a franchisee of aluminum alloy doors and windows, you can only see the trick. If you complain and panic during this period, it will only cause greater losses. On the contrary, if you take it easy and think about a few more countermeasures, you can win another game over your competitors at the joint point





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