The hottest Olympics has made Beijing run forward,

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The Olympic Games have made Beijing run forward, and the level of economic and social development has been continuously improved.

editor's note: "if you award the honor of hosting the 2008 Olympic Games to Beijing... Seven years later, Beijing will make you proud of today's decision!"

"try the jade to burn for three days, and distinguish the materials must wait for seven years." Moscow, 13 July 2001. In his final statement of winning the IOC vote, He Zhenliang once said, "if you award the honor of hosting the 2008 Olympic Games to Beijing... Seven years later, Beijing will make you proud of today's decision!"

7 years of Olympic preparation is also a process of continuous improvement of Beijing's economic and social development level

the Olympics gave birth to modern cities

people oriented is not only the core value of the Humanistic Olympics, but also the basic concept of Beijing's development of public services. Over the past seven years, the world has witnessed the fruitful development of public services in Beijing, and these achievements have also fulfilled the promise of hosting the people's Olympics

the equal popularization of compulsory education has kept the enrollment rate of school-age children at 100%, and the gross enrollment rate of higher education has increased from 45% in 2001 to 57% now. With the support of government policies, funds and equipment, the problem of schooling for the children of migrant workers who have attracted much attention in Beijing has been basically solved

in the first half of this year, Beijing has basically achieved urban and rural coverage of community health services. At the same time, the zero difference rate of drug sales, the establishment of a two-way referral system between large hospitals and community health service institutions, the resident family doctor system, and the issuance of citizen health manuals have significantly enhanced the convenience of urban and rural medical services and significantly improved the overall health level of citizens. In 2007, the average life expectancy in the city was 80.24 years, an increase of 4.39 years over 2001

in the seven-year development of public services, the most intuitive result is the great development of urban facilities construction. Transportation policies such as subway line 5, line 10, airport express rail, Olympic dedicated line and bus priority make people's travel more convenient. The National Stadium, the water cube, the new digital museum of the National Library, and landmark buildings have sprung up, providing more places for citizens' cultural and sports life in the future. Now Beijing looks like a modern and international style

Olympic Games boost urban and rural employment

in the seven years before the Olympic Games, the urban registered unemployment rate in Beijing has averaged 1.86%

in the seven years before the Olympic Games, Beijing has added 448000 jobs on average every year, and the number of jobs in the city increased from 6.289 million in 2001 to 9.427 million in 2007

in the seven years before the Olympic Games, Beijing has trained more than 1.2 million rural workers

such figures make people feel warm

full employment has always been an important regulatory goal of Beijing. The Olympic Games has become the "catalyst" for this goal, and various measures have been implemented in recent years

in 2003, the "three-year million" vocational skills training program was launched, which provided vocational skills training for laid-off and unemployed people, on-the-job employees of enterprises, new urban growth labor force and rural surplus labor force, and trained millions of people in three years, of which the transfer and employment training of rural labor force is the top priority

in addition, a unified employment service network in urban and rural areas has been established and covered every community and village to provide employment guidance services for the first-time employed and the unemployed; Public welfare jobs will be developed, and older people with employment difficulties will have equal employment opportunities

in 2007, the "zero employment family" assistance program was implemented in Beijing. Through employment assistance, some 10639 users still use origin and other more professional graphics processing software for later data processing. At least one person in the "zero employment family" achieved employment. This year, a dynamic management mechanism has been further established to deal with the new "zero employment families" and "help and solve one household when one household appears"

Olympic Games promote social security

in the past seven years, the proportion of Beijing's financial social security investment in financial expenditure has increased from the initial 13.78% to 18.66% in 2007, and the overall social welfare situation has improved significantly

with the Olympic Games approaching, the development of the security system has also accelerated. In 2007, Beijing implemented the serious illness medical insurance system for the elderly, students and children without medical security in cities and towns. This year, unemployed residents of working age in cities and towns were included in the coverage of the serious illness medical insurance system. Coupled with the new rural cooperative medical system that has been established before, Beijing DSM high-performance polyamide has perfectly balanced toughness and rigidity, and the city has achieved full coverage of the basic medical insurance system

this year, Beijing stipulated that 700000 elderly people over 60 years old without pension security in urban and rural areas of the city would be paid welfare pensions every month. The introduction of this policy, which can preset experimental parameters, marks that the city has basically achieved the full coverage of the old-age security system for urban and rural residents

in addition, the establishment of social security systems such as unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, female workers' maternity insurance, and the establishment of urban and rural minimum living security system covering the whole city's residents, further ensuring the people's living standards

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