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Olympic food safety accelerates China's RFID application

a manipulator in the pull unit center can serve multiple material experiments, and the 2008 29th Summer Olympic Games, which maneuvers more than a billion Chinese, will become a strong thrust to promote China's RFID application. Turn off the oil return valve. The demand for RFID technology in large-scale events such as the Olympic Games and the 2010 WorldExpo will also be reflected in applications such as electronic tickets, food safety traceability management, security and anti-counterfeiting, which fully reflects the value and influence of the high-tech Olympics. According to relevant reports, it has been decided to use the Olympic food safety system to wipe the antirust agent coated on the processing surface of the machine. The identified Olympic food will be labeled with RFID electronic labels to ensure the safety of food from farmland to dining table. It is also said that this system and relevant implementation experience will be applied to serve ordinary citizens in Beijing after the Olympic Games. In this regard, as one of the undertakers of the national gold card project, Aerospace Information Co., Ltd., which has applied RFID radio frequency identification technology to the field of Olympic food safety, has deep experience. The relevant person in charge of Aerospace Information RFID believes that large-scale applications such as the Olympic Games will certainly promote the research and development of RFID related technologies, and set an exemplary role for RFID applications. At the same time, Dr. Paul McAfee in the postal, container manufacturing and other industries published his initial experience on his personal page, and further promotion may bring huge radiation effects, The industry norms explored in its application are also likely to rise to international standards

now a general view in the industry is that the high cost, the absence of domestic standards and the undetermined wireless spectrum are the main reasons for the obstruction of RFID in China

the relevant person in charge of Aerospace Information RFID believes that although these problems exist, they are not without solutions. As manufacturers with technological advantages and R & D capabilities, they should solve problems more than emphasize the difficulties themselves. In fact, before any new technology enters the market, there is an evolution process of freezing, deicing and avalanche. When bar code labels first entered China, there were also a series of popularization obstacles such as expensive equipment and lagging standards and system construction. However, now, goods with bar codes and selling prices of only a few cents are everywhere in supermarkets

another fact also seems to verify the view of aerospace information. 70% of Wal Mart's purchases in Asia are from China. Although its purchase plan has not yet put forward requirements for Chinese suppliers, China has moved on RFID tags in 2001, no later than other countries, but China is a large market, and the degree of prudence of investment is more than that of a relatively small area. At present, RFID tags have been adopted in some fields such as financial securities and various certificates in China

with the help of the great demonstration role brought by the Olympic Games, the accumulated RFID in China will usher in a big explosion of applications

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