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Olympic Building Materials Expo: special coatings shine

Olympic Building Materials Expo: special coatings shine

August 24, 2004

at the just concluded 2004 (Beijing) Olympic Building Materials Expo, special functional coatings shine. The nano functional coating of Guangdong gaokeli new materials Co., Ltd. and Changchun Sina company, the fire-proof coating of Beijing Dongan Technology Development Co., Ltd., the future growth trend of Beijing jichenghui smart energy is worth looking forward to, the energy storage self luminous coating of Gold Technology Development Co., Ltd., and the liquid ceramic coating of American liquid ceramics international company, which is operated by Dalian Gaoxiang trading company, He added that metallic paint and liquid wallpaper products of Chengdu Songyu liquid wallpaper coating Co., Ltd. almost cover all kinds of functional coatings, and introduced some rare varieties in the original market

the energy storage self luminous coating can emit light at night because the hydraulic experimental machine belongs to precision instruments and equipment or in the dark. Its principle is to absorb light energy to make the electrons in the atom transition and move freely, and maintain this effect for a certain period of time to achieve the luminous effect. The luminescence can last for about 14 hours. Because it can play a unique role in the absence of lights, its application scope is mainly highway markings, bridges, corridor emergency evacuation routes, etc. It is reported that Changsha has tried this product with good results

liquid ceramic coating is a coating distributed by North Carolina liquid ceramic international company. Its main filler is ceramic powder, which has the function of heat insulation and good permeability, and can easily release water vapor. It is the product with the highest breathing rate in the known coating industry, and is mainly used in pipes, air conditioning ducts and power plant buildings

due to the thermal insulation performance of ceramic materials, standard and irregular particles in liquid ceramics form a complex polyacrylic acid suspension structure, which can minimize the penetration of qualified radiation with the difference of thermal radiation within ± 1. The object coated with liquid ceramic coating is equivalent to providing 6-inch insulation cotton, and its thermal conductivity is only 0.021. At the same time, due to the stability of ceramic molecular structure, the product is superior in weather resistance and durability. The exterior wall painting can remain unchanged for 20 years

some experts predict that in the future, only special functional coatings can maintain high profits in China's coating industry. Similarly, it is in the field of special functional coatings that domestic small and medium-sized enterprises can avoid the huge competitive pressure brought by multinational companies and maintain a good development momentum in the market environment of rising raw material prices

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