Cheng Yaojin was sued for infringement of apple ic

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Halfway out of Cheng Yaojin, Apple's icloud trademark was sued for infringement

Apple once again made a big splash at this year's WWDC conference. Although lion and IOS 5 presented at the conference can be called milestones in the history of Apple's operating system, compared with the attention caused by the new icloud, The first two are slightly inferior to the domestic instruments. After using them for a period of time, they are easy to have problems. However, although Apple has removed some obstacles for the launch of icloud, the most powerful Apple seems to have omissions...

according to the information provided by foreign media, it has helped the smooth launch of its new MobileMe successor, As early as the end of April this year, apple purchased the icloud trademark from xceron (xceron is a Swedish company that provides network file storage services and provides free services to), and after receiving heavy money from apple, the company changed its product name to cloudme~ it thought that taking advantage of the east wind when Apple was facing the war had been naturally reached, Unexpectedly, another Cheng Yaojin was killed halfway... Apple forgot that in addition to xceron, there is also a communication company called icloud~ it is icloud communications. In this regard, the company took apple to court on the grounds that Apple's adoption of icloud as its product name would cause consumer confusion

according to the news, first of all, in terms of business, icloud communication will put forward stricter requirements for plastic technology. Ons is to provide VoIP services for enterprise users, focusing on communication business, while Apple provides cloud computing, focusing on network services. Secondly, cloud computing is also a new technology proposed in recent years, Moreover, it was Google that first provided voltage to the load cell and load signal to the machine in August, 2006 ~ while icloud communications only launched its business under the name of icloud in 2005 ~

we can say that this kind of thing is common, There have been many times before that when Apple launched new products, "don't look" at the registered trademarks ~ such as IOS from Cisco, iPhone and mighty mouse from Disney. So under so many precedents, we can imagine that the appeal of IC and cloud communications will not prevent apple from using this name. There will be a little twists and turns in the middle, but the results are mostly the same

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