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Yanxiang Chen Zhilie was elected as the "economic person of the year"

the 2007 CCTV China "economic person of the year" selection was announced on the 30th. Chen Zhilie, chairman of Yanxiang intelligent board, was elected with a high profile. While winning the title of "person of the year", Chen Zhilie also won the "innovative person of the year award", which also became the first person to win two awards in succession in the "economic person of the year" selection for eight years

the selection criteria for this year's annual figures of China's economy is "driving force, innovation", which requires the candidates to promote the technological development of the industry, promote the industrial upgrading of enterprises, and make outstanding contributions to technological product innovation and management innovation. In today's international environment, "made in China" has become a topic that can not be ignored. The economic figures elected this year should stand up for "made in China" in this industry, so that "made in China" and "created in China" have a convincing and huge international appeal

Chen Zhilie built Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. into the largest high-tech enterprise in China for special computer research and development. This carbon fiber composite chassis will be applicable to the manufacturing, sales and system integration of Corvette C7 series models. It is the only enterprise listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the same industry in China. As a private enterprise, Evonik intelligence is also a major participant in the formulation of national standards for China's special computer industry, which is also a witness of Evonik intelligence's commitment to promoting China's special computers to the world for many years. The formulation of national standards is of great significance to promote the upgrading of industrial economy and informatization industry. (1) pin shaped samples Φ eight × 53 (effective length) in particular, it forms the overall core competitiveness of the industry, and plays an inestimable role in participating in international competition and cooperation with a more rigorous and professional roof engineering quality acceptance specification GB 50207 ⑵ 002

the reasons for CCTV's nomination of Chen Zhilie are: "Chen Zhilie's idol is flying man Liu Xiang. What he pursues is speed and transcendence. Since 1993, Chen Zhilie has led his team to create China's largest industrial computer enterprise in 14 years. In these years, Yanxiang group has defeated rivals such as German Siemens and American general motors. In continuous transcendence, he has made his enterprise thinner and become China's first and the world's fifth. He has led China's nuclear industry." The trend of heart computers. In 2007, Yanxiang formulated the national industry standard for industrial computers in China, which has been the best proof that made in China is moving towards the field created in China. " Chen Zhilie's election is a deep fit with the spiritual connotation of this selection standard

at the award ceremony, experts and the media unanimously spoke highly of Chen Zhilie: he put the industry standard on the label of made in China, and he let the world know "pricing power, made in China!"

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