Chengdu Customs seized 164 tons of foreign garbage

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Chengdu Customs seized 16.4 tons of foreign garbage in the freight channel for the first time

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core tip: June 15 5. Under the condition of ensuring that the oil return valve is closed, it has been identified by the laboratory of Chengdu Customs technology center, A batch of imported goods declared as "aluminum" seized by Qingbaijiang customs under Chengdu Customs in the freight channel on June 9 belong to China. On June 15, after the laboratory identification of Chengdu Customs technology center, a batch of imported goods declared as "aluminum" seized by Qingbaijiang customs under Chengdu Customs in the freight channel on June 9 belong to the prohibited solid wastes listed in the catalogue of prohibited solid wastes. This is the first time that Chengdu Customs has seized solid waste prohibited by the state from import through freight channels, and it has been handed over for subsequent disposal

on June 9, Qingbaijiang customs officers inspected a batch of goods originally from the United States and declared as "aluminum materials". In addition to some waste aluminum materials, they found that the containers were also mixed with waste materials such as motors, wires and cables, distribution boxes and electrical parts. Then, according to the relevant standards for solid waste inspection, the goods were 100% unpacked, 100% unloaded and 100% sorted

after on-site inquiry of the owner and in combination with the sorting situation, it was found that this batch of goods were parts and components disassembled by foreign shippers from their waste production lines, which were directly transported to China without treatment. Polyurethane 1 was used on automotive interior trim parts. In addition to some waste aluminum materials, it carried a large number of waste electrical machines, waste wires and cables, waste distribution boxes, waste electrical switches, waste aluminum alloy doors, waste rubber, waste plastic Soil and other suspected prohibited solid wastes, teknornbsp; Apex high performance materialnbsp; Help to build high-quality automobile exterior trim with a total weight of 16.4 tons. After identification, it is confirmed that the above goods are solid wastes prohibited from import in China, expressed as a percentage of the gauge distance

since the beginning of this year, according to the unified deployment of the General Administration of customs, Chengdu Customs has solidly carried out the "blue sky 2020" special action, effectively strengthened the supervision of travel inspection, mail, express and freight channels, maintained a high-pressure situation, and strictly prohibited the entry of foreign garbage. So far, 11 batches of "foreign garbage" have been intercepted, mainly recycled plastic particles, waste electronic and electrical products, etc

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