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"Olympic hardware king" continues to pay attention to children's sports

"Olympic hardware king" continues to pay attention to children's sports

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original title: "Olympic hardware king" continues to pay attention to children's sports

source Title: "Olympic hardware king" continues to pay attention to children's sports

the second session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee opened on March 3. The Beijing News interviewed Zou Kai, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and Olympic hardware winner last week. Zou Kai said frankly that he had gained a lot from attending the conference for seven consecutive years. He talked freely about his work and life over the past year, and revealed that he would continue to pay attention to the field of physical education this year. With the Tokyo Olympic Games approaching, Zou Kai is full of expectations for the performance of the Chinese gymnastics team

talk about identity

when the committee member feels heavy

Zou Kai is the first athlete in China to win five Olympic gold medals. He began to serve as a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in 2013. Since then, he has felt more heavy on his shoulders and wants to do more to repay the country and society. His status as a member of the CPPCC National Committee has given him such an opportunity. "CPPCC member is an honor, but also means and mission, which means that I can do more for the sports cause while doing my own job well."

since 2017, Zou Kai has served as the deputy director of the gymnastics Department of Sichuan Vocational College of physical education, and spent most of his time in the gymnasium, responsible for the training and competition of team members. While doing a good job in details and basic work, he did not forget to be a member of the CPPCC. "I have gained a lot in the past seven years as a member. On the platform of the CPPCC National Committee, I can understand the release and development direction of the national sports policy, including some guiding opinions. So I am also thinking about what role I can play as a member of the CPPCC National Committee and what other work I need to do." Zou Kai said

talk about proposals

the focus is on children's physical education

in an interview with the Beijing News, Zou Kai revealed that there is still some time before the opening of the national two sessions, and his proposal is still in the final forming stage, "it is still related to physical education, mass sports, especially children's sports." He said that the proposal would be improved as much as possible through the experience of working at the grass-roots level for one and a half years and some problems learned

at the meeting last year, Zou Kai's proposal focused on children's gymnastics and sports on campus. He also did a lot of practical work in the implementation process, including going to his hometown Luzhou and other cities in Sichuan to conduct research, "everything is based on reality, which is also a process of mutual learning."

"Zoukai Cup" Sichuan Provincial Children's basic happy gymnastics competition was held last year, with nearly 1000 young athletes from 45 kindergartens participating. The gymnastics Olympic Champion held the competition for the first time, with good results. "Through the platform of the CPPCC National Committee, the support of the Gymnastics Association and my personal influence, I have gained some recognition. I hope that in the future, the event will become a scale and brand, and further contribute to the popularization of Gymnastics through the event." In Zou Kai's view, sports can't enter the campus without the cooperation of education and sports departments, and it also needs the support of social forces and funds

Ningbo Council for the promotion of international trade gives full play to its strengths

talking about work

delighted with the high popularity of national fitness

in 2014, "several opinions of the State Council on accelerating the development of the sports industry and promoting sports consumption" proposed: "raise national fitness as a national strategy, and cultivate and support the sports industry as a green industry and a sunrise industry." Every year at the two sessions, members of the sports industry discuss the government work report, and national fitness will become a hot topic

in 2017, Zou Kai proposed to let more professional coaches and retired athletes participate in the training system of social sports instructors, so that the masses can also feel professional sports, and improve the national health level through high-quality physical exercise. A considerable part of his work in the past year was to promote this plan, and he also felt the change. "Some venues of our school are regularly open to the public. Sometimes, I can't even find a parking space at work; more and more colleagues with professional sports background have become social sports instructors and participated in the national fitness work. These can intuitively feel that the popularity of physical exercise among the masses is rising. The State supports the sports industry, which is a sunrise industry, and national fitness is a large part of the sports industry 。 This year, the members of the sports sector should still focus on some innovative opinions that can better benefit the masses. " Zou Kai said

talking about transformation

I'm nervous about becoming a father

after working at the grass-roots level for more than a year, Zou Kai admitted that he hasn't fully adapted to the identity change. "Although the focus of the domestic competition of front-line teams, the training of referees and competition work is still closely related to competitive sports, it is still adapting. In the past, when I was an athlete, it was the staff who turned around me; now I am a staff, who should turn around the athletes and serve the athletes. This is also a process of learning from the people around me."

Zou Kai said that being an athlete is hard, but the goal is clear, and the work done to achieve the goal is single and clear. "At present, the standard distance part (that is, the part between the two standard distance lines) is painted with paint with high illumination (if the color of the sample is light, the work of coating the standard distance with black paint is more trivial, there are more aspects to consider, and the goal is not as clear as being an athlete. I am also slowly changing my thinking and establishing new goals."

this year, Zou Kai will have another identity - father. Zou Kai is excited and nervous about welcoming new family members. "What's more, I'm nervous. This role is also a new role, and it's also very big. Facing this role, I hope I can be competent. I'm preparing in all aspects, especially psychologically, I'm constantly cheering myself up."

whether he was an athlete or worked at the grass-roots level, Zou Kai was always busy and couldn't take care of his family well. He also hopes that after becoming a father, he will know how to shoulder the responsibilities of career and family. "Be able to be more mature and feel more responsible for the family and contribute more to the cause of sports."

talking about the Olympics

looking forward to the turnaround of Chinese Gymnastics in Tokyo

in the 2016 National Gymnastics Championship, Zou Kai played due to injury and missed the Olympic lineup. The Chinese team in Rio Olympic Games only got back 2 bronze medals, that is, today's well-known "cyan racing", and there was no gold medal recorded in the Olympic Games for the first time

in the new Olympic cycle, the Chinese gymnastics team set out again. The hydraulic testing machine is a kind of non-standard customized experimental equipment. Last year's Asian Games "high school entrance examination" won 8 gold medals, including men's and women's groups. Subsequently, he won four championships including the men's team at the Doha world championships. Zou Kai explained the whole world championships and praised the progress of the Chinese team. "The players in this cycle have made obvious progress. Whether it's our own technology or the recognition of the referee, they are all in the forefront of the world."

in his view, especially in the main lineup of the men's team, many players ushered in the best stage of their careers in this cycle, and they are very much looking forward to the re rectification of Chinese gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympic Games. "The strength of these players is here. Some of them have participated in the Rio Olympic Games and accumulated some experience. Xiao ruotang, for example, has not participated in the Olympic Games, but has been trained in the world championships. I hope the old players can communicate with them more and show the stability and scoring ability of the Chinese gymnastics team at the Tokyo Olympic Games."

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