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Omni produces thermoplastic baffles for the new logo

in 2013, Omni plastic will produce 1million thermoplastic baffles worldwide, and the company plans to double its revenue with this product in the next five years

at present, two factories of Omni plastic in langeler and Fontaine, France, are producing this kind of tailgate. Its weight is 12 kg, which is 3 kg lighter than the steel tailgate. In addition, the new tailgate provides automobile manufacturers with greater design freedom and can be completely recycled

AUM is in the rubber industry and plastic industry. The types of plastic tailgate include thermosetting composite tailgate. With the improvement of people's living standards and the tailgate made of thermosetting plastic and thermoplastic, the addition of thermoplastic tailgate has further widened the company's product types. The emergence of this innovative tailgate enables Omni plastic to better meet the diversified design needs and weight reduction needs of customers

through the new tailgate, Omni plastic reiterated its commitment: to help automobile manufacturers achieve the strictest environmental standards in the field of carbon emissions, and constantly develop vehicle weight reduction solutions

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