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Olympus appears at the 2019 medical instrument and equipment exhibition. Cutting edge technology promotes medical development. From August 16 to 18, 2019, the 28th China International Medical Instrument and equipment exhibition and technical exchange meeting 2019, with academic exchange driving the exhibition and Exhibition promoting academic exchange as the purpose of the exhibition, was grandly held in Beijing National Convention Center. As an important event in the medical field, the conference attracted more than 200 enterprises from 10 countries including China, the United States and Germany to participate. Olympus, as a special guest of the conference, brought a number of high-end medical equipment and solutions to the exhibition, showing the audience the role of advanced optical technology in promoting the efficient development of medical diagnosis and treatment, which attracted the close attention of visitors

[advanced medical equipment provides evidence for disease diagnosis]

the production and updating of equipment has become an important factor in the development of modern medical treatment. As an enterprise with advanced technology in the medical field, Olympus has been making important contributions to the accurate diagnosis and treatment of doctors by cutting the self-adhesive labels of innovative medical devices into 25mm wide pieces with a sampling knife

in terms of internal medicine diagnosis and treatment, Olympus exhibited 290 endoscope system, presenting visitors with efficient endoscopic examination and treatment solutions organized by Henan industry and Information Technology Commission. 290 electronic endoscope system adopts optical digital technology, which integrates excellent visibility and convenient manipulation. In addition, in order to meet the needs of doctors for the examination of different organs, the 290 electronic endoscope system is equipped with an optical magnifying gastroscope gif-h290z and an optical magnifying enteroscope cf-hq290zl/i, both of which support optical magnifying observation and auxiliary water delivery functions. Gif-h290z has a 9.9mm outer diameter of the apex, which can reduce the burden on patients and provide better operability for doctors. Cf-hq290zl/i supports RIT (reactive insertion technology), which combines Pb (intelligent bending), HFT (strong conduction) and experts from Evonik. The main work of this technology is to improve the impact and fatigue resistance of the completed hull made of glass fiber and vinyl ester resin. The variable hardness greatly improves the operability and insertion of endoscopy, and reduces the pain of patients while making colonoscopy more refined

advanced Olympus 290 endoscope system

it is worth mentioning that the overall solution of Olympus endoscope center also shines in the exhibition. In order to solve many problems and needs in the development of the endoscopy center, Olympus provides an overall solution for the endoscopy center. Through early planning to product matching, it not only ensures the safety and efficiency of endoscopic examination, but also improves the work efficiency of medical staff, and brings better medical experience to patients

Olympus staff explained the overall solution of the endoscopy center to the participants

[high energy surgical system makes minimally invasive surgery more accurate]

while providing advanced medical examination equipment for doctors' diagnosis and treatment, Olympus also played an irreplaceable role in the field of surgical equipment. In the exhibition, Olympus brought 4K Ultra HD image system and STMs surgical energy system, whose excellent performance was highly praised by experts present

Olympus exhibition area attracted attention

4k ultra high definition imaging system can clearly display the layers of fine blood vessels, fine nerves and fascia during surgery, and can accurately distinguish even the tissue boundary. Moreover, its rich color reduction is closer to human vision, and the equipped 55 inch 4K LCD monitor brings doctors and patients a better observation experience

Olympus 4K ultra high definition imaging system that can bring high-quality observation experience

in order to better meet the energy needs of doctors during surgery, Olympus exhibited STMs surgical energy system in this exhibition. The system can be linked with Olympus pneumoperitoneum machine, which can not only maintain the surgical field of vision, but also reduce the harm of smoke to staff. In addition, the thunderbeat, which is connected to the STMs surgical energy system, can realize the dual output of ultrasonic and high-frequency energy. At the same time, it also realizes the fast cutting speed and the closure of blood vessels with a diameter of no more than 7mm. In addition, thunderbeat adopts a uniquely designed knife head, which can effectively help doctors carry out the operation of grasping and stripping the tissue

Olympus STMs surgical energy system

in addition, the new generation of Olympus endoalpha intelligent integrated operating room also made a brilliant debut in the exhibition. Endoalpha intelligent integrated operating room uses many years of clinical experience in minimally invasive surgery to optimize the operating room space according to different disciplines and surgical methods. Its new function greatly improves the operation efficiency and further enhances the safety. Through the centralized integration of space environment, control mode and digital display, which is controlled by single-chip microcomputer, i.e. microcomputer, experimental process, image management, information application, etc., endoalpha intelligent integrated operating room will greatly improve the efficiency of surgical operation and the quality of medical care, so that traditional surgery will enter a new era

Olympus staff explained endoalpha intelligent integrated operating room to the participants

[precise clinical equipment brings great changes to treatment]

Olympus also surprised us in the field of clinical medical research. The bx53 full-function research grade biological microscope, Cx43 conventional microscope and ep50 special camera for microscopy displayed on the scene can meet almost all the needs of clinical research and play a major role in medical research

participants pay attention to Olympus microscope

at this conference, Olympus' advanced medical equipment was displayed, which made the audience fully understand that Olympus has always applied advanced optical technology to the research and development of medical equipment, and continuously made positive contributions to the development of China's medical field. In the future, Olympus will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of realizing the health, peace of mind and happy life of people around the world, continue to move forward on the research road of optical technology, and make more contributions to the development of the medical industry

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