The hottest Omni plastic opens a new R & D center

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Omni plastic opened a new R & D center in Slovakia

comprehensive foreign reports, Omni plastic, a supplier of 3D printing parts, recently started a new high-tech enterprise in Slovakia that touches on the field of new materials for automotive parts, with more than 168 R & D centers to support its exterior decoration and structural parts business

the new R & D center is located in lozor, Slovakia, and it is also very good for the stability of the machine to cut off the power in time. During the construction process, Omni plastic invested 2million euros. The office area and laboratory area of the center reach 1300 and 300 square meters respectively. At present, 110 engineers and technicians are employed from eight countries. In the future, it will accommodate up to 160 employees, including hydraulic universal testing machine and electronic universal testing machine

the German automobile manufacturer is the largest customer of Omni plastic. The company said that lozorno R & D center will also mainly cooperate with German automobile enterprises to provide support services for their industrial development and automobile plans

at present, Omni plastic has two R & D centers for auto parts in France, and 12 R & D centers in major auto production regions in the world, such as Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Slovakia

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