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Many packaging projects in Maoming Petrochemical Industrial Zone are ready to be put into production

in Maoming Petrochemical Industrial Zone, the first production line of the heavy packaging bag project with an investment of 30million yuan by Zhonghe company will be completed by the end of this year. The equipment to be inspected, the equipment to be inspected and the regulator will start verification, installation and commissioning without preheating and unstable indication. It is expected to be put into production in January next year to seek improvement ". This is a substantial achievement made by Maoming Petrochemical Industrial Zone in optimizing the investment environment and vigorously attracting investment

in addition, the Swiss Ppal company has a total investment of 300million euros in the industrial plastic pallet project, signed a land use agreement and a raw material supply agreement, registered the "plastic pallet manufacturing (Maoming) Co., Ltd. in Maoming City, and successfully trial produced the equipment and pallet mold in Shanghai; Maoming Yamei Packaging Co., Ltd. invested 20million yuan of national plastic container project with more than material varieties, and Maoming Keda Chemical Co., Ltd. invested 25million yuan of chemical additives project, which is planned to start construction in the near future

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