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Manufacturing technology of plastic thin film lithium ion battery

manufacturing technology of plastic thin film lithium ion battery AI Xinping, Hong Xinlin, Dong Quanfeng, Li Shengxian, Yang Hanxi x (School of chemistry and Environmental Sciences, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, Hubei Province) frame materials and plasticizers. On this basis, the industrialized manufacturing method of plastic polymer film electrode was explored, the ratio of polymer electrolyte diaphragm and positive and negative electrode plates was optimized, the composite mode of plastic film electrode was discussed, and the electrical properties of the prepared plastic film lithium-ion battery were investigated. The results showed that the thin film plastic Lithium-Ion battery had the electrochemical performance similar to that of the liquid lithium-ion battery. Plasticizing thin film lithium-ion battery is a new generation of lithium-ion battery developed on the basis of liquid lithium-ion battery. It not only has the high-voltage technology content of liquid lithium-ion battery, but also has high specific energy, which can be used to re analyze the data curve; Quantity, long cycle life, clean and pollution-free, and due to the use of all solid-state structure, the possible unsafe and liquid leakage problems of liquid lithium-ion batteries are improved. In addition, because the battery is packaged with soft materials, bending and folding are allowed, and the shape design is more flexible and convenient. Therefore, since Bellcore company of the United States took the lead in reporting, it has attracted widespread attention to use the notch centering template to make the notch of the impact specimen in the center of the support span, which has become another hot spot in the research and development of chemical power sources in recent years. The technical core of thin-film plastic lithium-ion battery is to use plastic polymer complex as the skeleton structure of electrode and electrolyte, in which liquid electrolyte molecules are fixed to form an apparent dry state, and the electrode and electrolyte have high ionic conductivity. In recent years, there are many reports about the composition principle and performance characteristics of plasticized polymer electrolytes

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