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After sharing bicycles, shared cartons have come again. They have received more than 100 million yuan of b-round financing

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core tip: Recently, the intelligent logistics packaging sharing platform "carton sharing" under Hong Run announced the completion of more than 100 million yuan of b-round financing. This round of investment is led by seven seas capital and followed by Yongbai Lingzhong. After this investment, Before Tencent, CT will improve the air quality in the car and reduce the production of volatile organic compounds. Xiongminghua, founder of Qihai capital, will officially serve as a director of Hongrun

[China Packaging News] recently, the intelligent logistics packaging sharing platform "box sharing" under horen announced that it had completed a round B financing of more than 100 million yuan. This round of investment was led by Qihai capital and followed by Yongbai Lingzhong. After the completion of this investment, Xiong Minghua, the former CTO of Tencent and the founder of Qihai capital, will officially serve as a director of Hongrun

liaoqingxin, the founder and CEO of horen, said: "the development of IOT technology will inevitably lead to the intellectualization of RTP. With the real-time and transparency of RTP data, it is inevitable that RTP can be shared across regions, countries and continents; intelligent RTP will eventually replace primary logistics packaging, and the demand of the future market will be beyond imagination"

xiongminghua, founding partner of Qihai capital, said, "IOT in the logistics industry is an inevitable trend, and all kinds of resources in the logistics industry need to rely on IOT technology to achieve refined management. Hongrun has cross-border integrated IOT technology, and created intelligent logistics packaging and its sharing platform 'box sharing'. We will fully mobilize our experience and resources in the IOT field and fully support horen." And the rapid breakthrough and expansion of "container sharing" have helped horen grow into a leading company in the field of global intelligent logistics packaging, and promoted "container sharing" to become a world-class intelligent logistics packaging sharing platform "

horen obtained an angel round investment of 12million yuan from Xiangfeng venture capital in early 2014; At the beginning of 2017, it received a round a investment of 50million yuan from Yongbai Lingzhong, Lingzhong Shenzhou and Yongbai venture capital; In June, 2017, it obtained the investment of Caohejing angel investment fund of 16million yuan in investment and loan linkage and a+ round

it is understood that horen, founded in 2013, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, design and manufacturing of recyclable logistics packaging (RTP). Adhering to the design concepts of zero waste, zero loss, zero residual (zero residual5, experimental steps), hand free, etc., Hongrun has been in zl 71 kinds of PE pipe fitting injection molding machine sealing oil cylinder water-cooling structure have applied for and registered more than 350 original invention patents all over the world

horen launched the exploration of RTP IOT three years ago. According to different RTP usage scenarios, Hongrun not only integrates technologies such as active RFID, low-power Bluetooth ble, cellular communication M2M and Nb IOT into RTP structure and process technology, but also integrates data analysis technology to create a digital operation platform "box sharing"

it is understood that Hongrun's technology and products have been exported to the markets of Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and Australia, loaded to a certain load and served CHEP pallecon, the world's largest logistics appliance lessee, EUROPOOL, a well-known European Logistics appliance lessee, Sumitomo Group SGL, a world-renowned third-party logistics service provider, and the world's leading flexible packaging manufacturers: flexsol in the UK, Bemis in the United States Sealed air in Australia, etc

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