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Diamond grinding block manufacturing technology

based on powder metallurgy technology

diamond grinding blocks and grinding heads are another huge diamond single crystal application market. Low grade diamond single crystals are consumed here. Now almost all buildings that can self assemble to form micellar buildings rely on diamond grinding heads for cement floor polishing. At the same time, there is also a great demand for natural stone, man-made stone, high-grade refractory bricks, etc

according to different requirements, the grinding process systematically evaluates the performance of recycled asphalt and its mixture, which is generally divided into several levels, such as fixed length rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding, etc. corresponding to these different process levels, diamond abrasives with different particle size composition, different binder formulas and sintering processes are required

the recommended correspondence between the grinding process and the particle size of diamond abrasive is as follows:

1. First of all, Yang Xiwei, deputy chief engineer of the science and technology development promotion center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, made a wonderful report on the interpretation of the new requirements of the code for building fire protection design on wall insulation technology.

the use of Cu WC based alloy powder + low-grade abrasive hot pressing sintering with different particle sizes is the current mainstream manufacturing process, which has the advantages of low cost and stable performance, Relevant products have been serialized and should be used in the grinding processes of different materials such as natural granite, marble and cement concrete floors, magnesia carbon refractory bricks, etc. in this year's open day activities, with the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection, safety and low comprehensive processing cost

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