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Many problems and solutions in the auto parts market

first, the product quality is not guaranteed. Due to the low threshold and imperfect supervision of China's auto parts industry, many investors see business opportunities. In the fierce competition, enterprises usually adopt price competition in order to expand their sales. The result is that the source of accessories is very chaotic, and a large number of fake parts and low-quality parts are also flooding the market, which not only pits car owners, but also merchants

secondly, the industrial layout is unreasonable. Repeated investment, low production concentration and small production scale have been flooding the auto parts market. The reasons are not only the protection of local governments, but also the unreasonable planning of enterprises themselves

finally, the distribution of enterprises is unreasonable. At present, there are 25000 auto parts enterprises, not including roadside stores. Most auto parts enterprises are mainly private, with small scale, scattered distribution and no brand. In addition, there are also problems such as long-term distribution channels, complex accessories and circulation, resulting in high costs and low profits, and further sharply reducing the number of channel members

the typical terminal utilization includes the appearance parts used for trucks, commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery. Second, the reasons for this situation

first, the enterprise itself is poorly managed. At present, the field of auto parts in China is still at a low level. Otherwise, enterprises will inhibit the growth of dense bones. The management mode of the industry is extensive, and the cost control is weak. Most auto parts enterprises only support one complete vehicle factory and cannot produce on a large scale. At the same time, the independent research and development capacity of enterprises is insufficient and lack of core technology

secondly, there are many kinds of accessories. Because there are many kinds of automobile brands and different models, and various types of accessories that are generally clamped automatically abroad rush to the market, the specialization level of accessories in the market is low, and the product quality cannot be guaranteed due to the relative lag of lithium battery capacity expansion, which greatly affects the degree of circulation and generalization of products

finally, the industry market system is not perfect. The development of China's auto parts industry is not perfect, and it is still in the transitional stage, so we should explore it step by step. The change of policy, the imperfection of the legal system, the absence of management and other reasons have hindered the development of the field of auto parts

Third, how to solve this situation

China's auto parts enterprises are relatively small, so scale has become the only way for the development of parts enterprises. It is urgent to gradually form alliance cooperation between enterprises. Alliance cooperation can make up for the shortcomings of enterprises in many aspects, expand the scale of enterprises, improve the technology of enterprises, and improve the management of enterprises. At the same time, informatization is inevitable. In the era when the Internet has become the mainstream, the prospect of the auto parts market must be very broad, and the huge business opportunities it contains can be imagined. Therefore, information management and application is also a major mainstream in today's era

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