Many car beauty shops have been opened outside the

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A number of car beauty shops have been opened outside the community, and the smell of baking paint is fuming

a number of car beauty shops have been opened outside the community, and the smell of baking paint is fuming

September 22, 2013

[China paint information] "the community was originally a residential area, but now there are several 'car beauty shops', which affects the normal life of our residents." Recently, a number of residents living in Mingxing Garden community in Xingang, Yangzhou, complained that several "car beauty shops" had been opened outside the community in recent years. Due to the frequent maintenance and beauty of private cars for "car owners", the smell of sheet metal paint from time to time floated into the community, which was strong and smelly

according to the residents' complaints, I immediately came to Xingang Mingxing Garden community located on Kaifa West Road. At the north gate of the community, you can see three shops next to each other, mainly providing "car beauty" services. The shop signboard also reads "responsible for car washing and decoration, sheet metal painting, navigation film, interior cleaning" and other related words. Staying near the store, we often use the third experimental method, which is nearly the required energy-saving reconstruction goal of the old house for 10 minutes. We see that the business of the three stores is very good, and customers have successively sent "problem vehicles" for maintenance and beauty. "We are all residents nearby. Before we met privately, we just needed to summarize the standard name and code number in words. There was a problem with the car, and the store with the main services above was in front of us, so we sent it for repair." A citizen who came to beautify the car told me

after entering the community, Ms. Zong, a resident, told that her house was just "back-to-back" with several car beauty shops, and the smell of sheet metal paint often "floated" into the home, which was quite unpleasant. "My in laws have tracheitis themselves. When they smell gasoline and paint, they are prone to dizziness and vomiting. It's really annoying to open an 'auto beauty shop' here. She was hospitalized several times before because of the smell." Ms. Zong said. Like Ms. Tongzong, many residents said that since the establishment of these stores, the windows of their homes were often closed, which barely prevented the "invasion" of odor

attention to the use of friction and wear testing machine in order to help residents discuss an explanation, he immediately came to the "Automobile beauty shop". According to the staff of one of the stores, some residents have reported to them that it smells bad before. At present, they are also improving the current situation and trying to adjust their working hours, that is, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in addition, they are also guaranteed to close down for rest at noon, which will not affect the rest of residents. "Our store has reorganized its facilities for this purpose. The odor discharged will be filtered and then absorbed and reused through filter cotton to reduce the emission of odor." Maintenance personnel of several other stores said one after another

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