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Switching capacitor AC contactor

the cjx2a series switching capacitor AC contactor developed by Tianshui Qincheng Great Wall Electrical Appliance Factory has been reviewed and identified by experts at the provincial level and is considered to be a leading product in China. This product has obtained the national patent with the patent number of 95227514.7

I. overview

in order to save energy and power, the effective power is increased in the power system to reduce reactive power loss, so power capacitors are added to the circuit for reactive power compensation. However, every time a group of power capacitors are put into the circuit, a current surge will occur to the circuit. Commonly known as "inrush"

the inrush current is generated by the capacitance of the power capacitor and the line impedance of the circuit, which is formed by the oscillation in the circuit, and its peak value can reach 100 times of the rated current of the branch contactor. The compensation device works continuously all year round, and the action is frequent, and the failure rate is quite high, so measures have to be taken

the reactor is connected in series in the circuit, which is large in volume and high in cost, so now users urgently need a capacitor contactor that is safe and reliable in operation and meets international standards. At the same time, we also hope that more auxiliary contacts can reduce the intermediate appliances in the line

cjx2a series switching capacitor contactors (hereinafter referred to as capacitor contactors or products) are smaller than similar domestic products with the same capacity, with novel structure, ingenious coordination, convenient installation, excellent performance and many auxiliary contacts. In particular, the charging inrush suppression device has its own uniqueness, which is unique in China. Its main technical and economic indicators are higher than those of similar domestic products that can change the moving speed of the beam. It is safe and reliable to use, and conforms to international standards. It is the most ideal switching element in China

II. Purpose

cjx2a series switching capacitor contactors are mainly used in 50Hz power capacitor cabinets with a rated working voltage of 380V under the ac-6b use category as input and cut-off power capacitor banks to adjust the cos value (power factor) of the power system and suppress the inrush current when connected

III. product structure

cjx2a series capacitor contactor is composed of charging inrush current suppression device and AC contactor, as shown in Figure 1. The action mechanism is of direct action type, the contact is of double breakpoints, the magnetic system is of E-shaped iron core, and the magnetic system is of greeting structure, and the magnetic system is the reaction absorption coordination of tower spring

Figure 1 product status before putting into operation

charging inrush suppression device: it is composed of charging main contact, auxiliary contact and current limiting resistance group. The charging main contact bracket and auxiliary contact bracket are connected (pulled) by permanent magnets. Sometimes pull in, sometimes separate. (see Figure 2), the auxiliary contact support is connected with the contactor support. The contactor contact acts, and the auxiliary contact also acts. There are two pairs of auxiliary contacts

The current limiting resistance group consists of six alloy resistance wires. Insulation and heat resistance are important components of the device

IV. product current limiting principle and operation

the product structure is designed as follows: the main contact opening distance of the inrush suppression device is smaller than that of the contactor because they can see the advertisements of these imported instrument manufacturers in all channels. That is, l

Figure 2 product schematic diagram

when the edible water bag is connected to replace 216000 plastic bottle contactors, the coil is powered on (the product starts to be put into operation), the magnetic system acts, and the main contact support and auxiliary contact support of the inrush suppression device are pulled down under the attraction of the permanent magnet. First, the main contact of the charging is connected (see Figure 3), at this time, the current limiting resistance begins to limit the current. Just in an instant, the magnetic system pulls in, the main contact of the contactor is connected (closed) (see Figure 4), and the auxiliary contact of the inrush suppression device is also pulled in place. At this time, the charging main contact support is separated from the auxiliary contact support under the action of the reaction spring and mechanical restriction, and the two are clearly separated. After the charging main contact of surge suppression device completes, it is no problem that all experimental machines will reach the accuracy of 0.5 level. After its current limiting task, return to its starting position and wait for the next task

Figure 3: the instantaneous state just after putting into operation

Figure 4: the product operation state after putting into operation

and the contactor started the normal operation of the branch and completed the input of the primary line. Once the circuit needs to be cut off, the contactor coil is cut off, the main contact is opened, and the auxiliary contact and the main contact of the inrush suppression device are attracted together by a permanent magnet, completing a complete switching process. Fig. 5 oscillogram: the three phases a, B and C above are the main contacts of the inrush suppression device of the capacitor contactor, and then the three phases a, B and C below the diagram are the main contacts of the contactor, and then the main contacts above are opened. This oscillogram is the display of the one-time input waveform of the capacitor contactor. It also shows the relationship and time difference between them

v. product features

1. The current limiting main contact and the contactor main contact are separated in normal operation, and they do their own things

2. There are many auxiliary contacts. There are three pairs below 32a and four pairs above 40a, which can be combined normally open and normally closed at will

3. It is designed as a full series, with eight specifications of 16, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80 and 95A. Each capacity is equipped with contactors of its own capacity

4. the capacity controlled by the designed switching capacitor has a large safety factor and has

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