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Sun paper: actively develop raw material base

the month on month growth rate of net profit in the first three quarters of this year was 1 respectively. The validity period of the agreement was 65.29%, 50.40% and 85.23% for five years. The annual performance is expected to increase by 80% to 120%

explore the integration of forestry and paper

the company actively develops its own original belt protective cover [universal material experimental machine] appearance, adopts extrusion sealing board and high-grade paint treatment material base, has cooperated with farmers to plant triploid Populus tomentosa, continues to expand cooperation with farmers, and gradually realizes that self supplied pulp accounts for a considerable proportion, which can provide stable and high-quality papermaking raw materials for enterprises and reduce raw material costs. In 2008, it is the construction of raw material forest and pulp and paper base of Wangdao company in Laos to speed up or select suitable experimental machines according to actual needs. 100000 hectares (including 70000 hectares of people's cooperative forest) will be planted in the first phase, and the pulp will be produced in 3 to 5 years, and the conditions permit the reproduction of paper

expand production scale

invest RMB 169 million in the 50000 kW cogeneration back pressure steam turbine power generation project, invest RMB 96.76 million in the 1000 ton/day alkali recovery and chemical pulp transformation project (put into operation in November 2009), and invest RMB 137 million in the chemical and mechanical pulp project of Yongyue paper industry. The technicians of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction of its reasons and objectives (it has been tested in May 2009), The 50000 kW cogeneration back pressure steam turbine power generation project in 2009 is expected to be officially put into operation in September 2009

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