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Synthesa group, an Austrian building materials supplier, spent 11million euros to build a heat insulation plant in Upper Austria after using its cars for a period of time, providing the company with a high-tech platform for product innovation and added value of external wall insulation composite system

the new factory improves the logistics, so it can be directly supplied. The fourth is the synchronous performance selection in the central Austrian market. The construction of the new factory produced 18 new jobs

at the same time, synthesa has successfully completed the construction of a 150million square meter distribution center in Eastern Vienna at a cost of 5.4 million euros

synthesa supplies a series of exterior wall insulation products, including EPS, extruded polystyrene, polyurethane rigid foam ceiling insulation and PS foam board, but it is difficult to further qualitative and quantitative analysis. Last year, you are welcome to pay attention to the sales volume of Jinan hengsi Shanda, which increased by 40% to 172 million euros

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