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Start with 17.3-inch machinist T90 plus

this machinist T90 plus-tb3 notebook uses nine pieces of a good IC chip installed on the chip to be checked. I7, gtx1650, 17.3-inch screen, narrow frame, PCI-E solid-state acceleration, 72% color gamut screen, RGB backlit keyboard, start with something for a while, share your feelings and opinions:

machinist T90 plus-tb3 looks domineering, super metallic, and the keyboard is cool, I can't bear to use my own keyboard. I cherish it too much. The screen proportion is very high, and the image quality is perfect. It feels small when I close the computer, and it feels invincible when I open the computer. There is no pressure to eat chicken. When you don't play games, the fan doesn't have to turn. It's almost 6. It feels the same as playing games. Master Lu's score is about 30W, which is still very high. The understanding of the outside world about foam is usually limited to soft foam and foam for furniture decoration. Up to now, I'm generally satisfied

turn to mechanic T90 plus-tb3 JD. Com's latest quotation comments: the experimental stroke can be determined as needed. 0. The high-pressure oil pump supplies oil to the cylinder to make the piston rise ml. I hope it can be used for your reference


machinist (machenike) T90 plus-tb3 game book 17.3-inch narrow edge laptop (IH 8g 256g ssd+1t gtx1650 4G)


JD price: ¥ 7299.00

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Product Name: machinist T90 plus-tb3

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received goods very good! Want to see the back cooling fan is very good design, very shocking! Very high configuration! I feel comfortable when I open it! The display screen is full screen! Brilliant color is good! Master Lu ran 320000. I bought a memory module, pirate ship 8g and so on, which is estimated to run more than 360000! Play anything without pressure, can fight for more than 5 years!! worth! It is recommended to buy. more popular mechanics model recommendations

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