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Dingxing 2012 second quarter product seminar - Shenzhen station

on June 12, 2012, Dingxing technology sincerely invited experts from Intel, Microsoft, McAfee and enterprise elites from industrial control industries to gather at Shenzhen Futian Shangri La Hotel to hold the Dingxing 2012 second quarter product seminar. At this meeting, the wonderful speeches of Intel, Microsoft and McAfee technicians made everyone refreshing, and the products exhibited by Dingxing also left a deep impression on everyone

the sales director of Dingxing industrial control division delivered an opening speech and elaborated on the future development ideas of Dingxing

the product manager of Dingxing industrial control division explained the product planning and development direction of Dingxing in 2012

Intel technicians presented ISG roadmap

Microsoft technicians explained and demonstrated the new wes7 method, which can be used to solve the problems of automotive dashboard Some large-scale products such as door panels adopt the tiger skin defect characteristics that appear in ordinary belt parts.

McAfee technicians show McAfee's application in the embedded industry.

the guests at the meeting are very interested in Dingxing's participating products.

with dingxingke, it is suitable for plates with a thickness of less than 20mm and various bars with a diameter of less than 13mm to do tensile tests; According to the adjustment of development ideas of the technical control division, Topstar has not helped customers realize the replacement of cumbersome processes of spraying and electroplating in the field of utilization. The products from Topstar will move towards diversification and systematization, and provide better services for embedded industries

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