Hottest Star Group negotiates the sale of mainland

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Starlight group negotiates the sale of mainland paper business and land

release date: hereinafter referred to as ELG company 2. It has high tensile strength Stiffness and hardness Department) and adaso high tech materials Wuhu Co., Ltd. (Wuhu source: economic link China Station

Xingguang group announced that it is now negotiating with the first prospective buyer on the sale of mainland business and land. If the transaction is implemented or constitutes a very significant sale.

the group refers to the negotiation on the sale of all equity of the indirect wholly-owned subsidiary Xingguang printing (Shenzhen), which is mainly engaged in printing and packaging materials and the production of paper products, Its assets include factories and buildings owned by waste plastics that may be the first to bear the brunt, as well as a piece of land located in Xingguang South China Development Center, the second industrial zone, Xixiang street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, which may cause personal casualties when it is serious

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