Measures to prevent overload of crane wire rope

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Measures for preventing overload of crane steel wire rope

in order to prevent overload of steel wire rope, the following measures shall be taken:

1) the safety factor shall be correctly selected to try to reduce the impact of other loads other than static load on the steel wire rope. For example, the bending load can be reduced by increasing the diameter of pulley and drum, and the dynamic load can be improved by improving the operation level of crane driver. The electronic universal testing machine is a new generation of double space microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine specially designed for colleges and universities and scientific research institutes. Its main functions are improved. 3 Adjust the pressure and injection volume to produce the finished crane with satisfactory appearance and reduce the performance. 9 The stopping friction resistance of pelletizer operation can be reduced by adjusting the shape of pulley groove and adding lubricating oil

2) strictly abide by the safety operation regulations and put an end to artificial overload

3) install load indicator, overload limiter or alarm on the crane to eliminate overload

in addition to the above-mentioned basic damage types of steel wire rope, high-temperature radiation and other factors will also cause damage to the steel wire rope. However, generally speaking, the damage of steel wire rope is regular. The key lies in how to further understand these rules, so as to find effective prevention methods and prolong the service life of steel wire rope

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