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Measures to prevent the cable lines from chemical corrosion and electrolytic corrosion

1. if the cables of the experimental machines produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. of Jinan electric testing machine factory have been laid in the soil containing acid, alkali solution, chloride, organic corrosive medium or metallurgical slag for many years, they are easy to be corroded by these chemical active substances. Generally, the following measures are taken to prevent cables from chemical corrosion:

(1) when the cables are laid in the soil containing acid, alkali and other chemical substances, or when the products are simulated for transportation test, the outer layer protection of the cables shall be strengthened, such as threading the cables in the corrosion-resistant pipes

(2) it is difficult to know the corrosion degree of the cable at any time on the running cable line. Generally, when there are chemicals piled up on the place where the cable corrosion has been found or on the ground where there are cable lines under the ground, and there are seepage and leakage, the soil can be excavated to check the cable and conduct chemical analysis on the soil to determine the damage degree and take corresponding remedial and protective measures

2. when the cable line is laid underground, attention should be paid to prevent the nearby stray current from electrolytic corrosion. Generally, the following measures can be taken:

(1) reduce the stray current flowing to the cable. The resolution of torque tester is an important indicator of instrument performance. In any case, any place where the cable metal sheath is close to large metal objects must have electrical insulation; When the arc is laid in parallel with the tram track, the distance between them shall not be less than 2m. If this distance cannot be maintained, the cable shall be laid in an insulated pipe

(2) drainage facilities shall be set at places with high stray current to automatically handle abnormal conditions, and the potential at any part of the cable armour shall not exceed the surrounding soil potential by more than 1KV

(3) strengthen the insulation between the power track and the earth to limit the rail leakage

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