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Years of experience in decoration has given me a lot of experience in wallpaper decoration. Now I'll share these knowledge and tricks about wallpaper with you in detail. Wallpaper is a widely used interior decoration

years of experience in decoration has given me a lot of experience in wallpaper decoration. Now I will share these knowledge and tips about wallpaper with you in detail

wallpaper is a widely used interior decoration material. Because wallpaper has many incomparable characteristics of other interior decoration materials, such as diverse colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety and environmental protection, convenient construction, appropriate price and so on, it has been popularized to a considerable extent in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan and so on

wallpapers include paper, non-woven, PVC and other materials, which have certain strength, beautiful appearance and good water resistance, and are widely used in the interior decoration of houses, offices, hotels and so on

famous imported wallpaper brands include: German Aishi wallpaper, Brewster wallpaper, Marburg wallpaper, DeNO wallpaper, etc

better domestic wallpaper brands include Rouran, Ruibao, sofran, Tianli, etc

the decorative effect of wallpaper determines the style and beauty of the overall home, and the purchase of wallpaper is particularly important. There are two precautions in choosing Wallpaper - channel and price

about purchase channels:

generally, wallpapers are purchased in brand entity stores, and the wallpapers purchased in these stores can be guaranteed to be authentic, and the after-sales service is high-quality and perfect

with the rapid development of online shopping, there are countless online wallpaper stores with low prices. If you don't have high requirements for environmental protection and quality of wallpaper, you can buy it in online stores. However, because the wallpapers in online stores have no authentic products and after-sales protection, owners who have high requirements for quality and environmental protection should still go to major specialty stores to buy them

about price:

generally, the price of imported wallpaper with good quality is about 100~200 yuan/square meter, while that of domestic wallpaper is 8~30 yuan/square meter. The color pattern of imported wallpapers is particularly soft and lifelike, while the color of domestic wallpapers is relatively rigid. The imported wallpaper has very good flexibility, strong tear resistance and good coverage of the wall. Wallpaper not only pays attention to decorative effect, but also should take environmental protection as an important factor. In terms of environmental protection, imported wallpaper is better than domestic wallpaper

nowadays, the patterns of many large imported brands in the market have been copied by some domestic factories, and some imitations and fakes have appeared, so how to identify and select high-quality imported wallpapers

China's "product quality law" stipulates that imported Wallpapers must have Chinese instructions such as origin, specification, manufacturer, etc. No matter which brand of imported wallpaper, there should be a Chinese logo on the outer package of the product, so that consumers can view the relevant information of the product

first, consumers can identify wallpapers by "import alliance label"

in order to facilitate Chinese consumers to identify imported wallpapers, several major imported brands form an imported brand alliance and uniformly issue the "import alliance label". The import alliance label is exclusive to imported wallpapers, which directly reflects whether the product is imported wallpapers

second, bar code. When purchasing, you can check the barcode of the whole roll of wallpaper without unpacking. The bar code numbers of different places of origin are different. The first three digits correspond to the country of production, and the last five digits are the model of the product. For example, the top three bar codes of German wallpaper products are "400-440"

third, label. The label on the single roll package or packaging box will mark made in XXX, such as made in Germany, while counterfeit Wallpapers often mark design in XXX and mode made in XXX to imitate foreign production with foreign + design, such as design in Germany, which misleads consumers into thinking that wallpapers are imported Wallpapers through this way of trying to cover up

fourth, vouchers. The original imported wallpaper has customs declaration and other relevant import documents. Consumers can ask the merchants to provide product customs declaration, ocean bill of lading, packing list and container invoice

in addition to the above four methods to identify and select imported wallpapers, they can also be identified by querying the authenticity. In order to make it convenient for consumers to buy authentic products, some big brands have opened various inquiry channels for authentic products. When you buy the corresponding wallpaper, you can inquire for free to identify the authenticity

German Aishi wallpaper query link: http://www.as-creation-china.com/wwwroot/ao_yz.asp

Germany Aishi wallpaper telephone inquiry: 4008-212-535

Brewster wallpaper inquiry link: http://www.brewsterchina.com/LuckDrawFun/index.aspx

mabao inquiry hotline: 400-890-7698

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