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Zhangjiakou decoration market, which should be in the off-season from June to August, is very busy.

from June to August every year, Zhangjiakou decoration market is in the off-season. According to the household decoration consumption habits of residents in our city, most businesses will choose to recuperate at this stage, and keep a high profile until the "golden nine silver ten". However, in August this year, the home decoration market in our city is no longer quiet. Many businesses in major shopping malls have launched some promotional activities this month. Recently, the home decoration market in our city is very lively

many alliance activities compete to present

it is understood that recently, the city's home market has held three large-scale promotions, involving merchants in three large shopping malls, including Huanai home, qililong home and Baixin Lijia

among them, the theme of Baixin Lijia's promotional activities is directly related to Beijing and Zhang's joint bid for the Winter Olympics, and it sends benefits to the people of the city in the name of celebrating the success of their bid for the Winter Olympics. Huanai home furnishing high tech store gathered an industry alliance of many well-known brands such as piano cabinets, and also launched a special night banquet promotion on August 8. The "home building materials privilege action day" launched by home building materials brands such as Huari home and Deshi flooring under qililong home also rushed to launch a number of preferential activities, setting off a boom in home building materials promotion

it is reported that many businesses will launch some promotional activities in the next few weekends of this month. For example, on August 22, Fangtai kitchen appliances, champion bathroom, xinliangmei lighting and other businesses distributed in Huanai home diamond store will jointly present a home decoration feast for everyone. At that time, the home furnishing market in our city will be more lively

the success of bidding for the Winter Olympics stimulated the enthusiasm of businesses

the reason why the home furnishing market in our city was so hot in August this year is related to the success of Beijing and Zhangjiakou in bidding for the Winter Olympics. First of all, in the first half of this year, there were few residential areas opened and handed over in our city. Many buildings in a wait-and-see state postponed the opening time and handing over time until the 2022 Winter Olympics host city was announced, which made the home building materials industry in the downstream of real estate have to keep pace with it. Therefore, household merchants have launched promotional activities at this time in order to seize business opportunities in time and provide the most timely services for owners who have recently received the keys to their new houses

secondly, the success of Beijing and Zhangjiakou in bidding for the Winter Olympics is a major event for businesses and consumers in the home building materials industry in our city. Therefore, some merchants want to take advantage of the situation to launch some activities in order to enhance brand awareness and let more people know their brands

third, Zhangjiakou decoration selling point, acting as an agent for home building materials products with environmental protection, energy conservation and health as selling points, just ushered in a rare opportunity to publicize the advantages of their products. While doing promotional activities, they are more important to promote a concept to pave the way for improving product sales

residents' consumption should not blindly follow

compared with the price of products sold by merchants when the market was relatively quiet before, the profit margin of merchants is still relatively obvious when conducting promotional activities at present. At present, owners who are in need of decoration can seize the opportunity to buy some more affordable products, but we should not blindly follow the trend when buying products

in order to increase sales during the event, some businesses will promise that as long as the owner places an order, even if it is not decorated in the near future, the order will be valid for two years or even longer. In fact, ordering decoration materials too early is risky for consumers. First of all, the trend of home furnishing is changing at any time, and the product styles and materials that are pre ordered may no longer be fashionable when they are to be decorated; Secondly, there will be a lot of variables in the development of businesses in two years. At that time, what if the business has withdrawn its stall

in addition, many businesses take advantage of the Winter Olympics to hype how their products are energy-saving and healthy. However, consumers still need to be calm about the actual effect of the products





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