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Home decoration is a laborious thing. Because most owners have no experience in home decoration, they are at a loss in the face of various material names, construction terms and so on. When there are problems in the process of home decoration, they are even more confused, or they are severely killed by home decoration companies, or they have traveled all over the building materials market. In the face of businessmen, they are sweet talking, thinking that they have picked a cheap and complacent, but finally they find that they have been fooled! There is no place to tell troubles, and the depressed mood is getting more and more depressed. If it is a family decoration, it will be more lively, and everyone's preferences and opinions are different. Because housing is a lifelong thing for most families, once there are differences in some parts of the home decoration, they are naturally unwilling to compromise. There are more and more differences, and quarrels are more and more frequent. A family is torn apart, and depression arises from it

now it's the peak decoration season. Xiaobian reminds you to understand the psychological phenomenon of depression that is easy to occur in the process of home decoration, and give yourself a preventive injection. Don't let depression sneak into you

1. The decoration goal is at a loss

after getting the key of the blank room, I am at a loss. I am not sure about my home decoration style. Looking at the home decoration collection, I can't find the direction at all. I will only be anxious, irritable and feel troublesome. This kind of confusion before home decoration also occurs in the reconstruction of old houses

2. Differences with home decoration companies

the game with home decoration companies is mainly manifested in the two aspects of construction quality and the sky high asking price in the later stage of decoration, which is the most headache for owners and the source of psychological pressure for owners. Many people become depressed, anxious and angry because of contradictions with home decoration companies and dissatisfaction with their construction quality

3. Different decoration opinions

because everyone has different interests, hobbies and personalities, it is common that they cannot agree on the pace of decoration opinions, and many couples will have contradictions and quarrels for this, which affects their mental health. Especially when you have to give in to your family and compromise, you will feel depressed and wronged

4. Nostalgia and sentimentality

because the home needs decoration, you must first temporarily live in another strange house, and have to move away from the old house for a period of time, which makes nostalgic people more depressed and sad

5. Choose building materials, run around and get nothing

when people face repeated work and things, they have disgust, especially in the building materials market, running round and round, but in the face of various brands and styles, people who have no number in their hearts are easy to be fooled by the merchants' shoddy or greasy promotion mode, causing psychological burden and anger, People who know nothing about building materials are prone to anxiety and depression after running through the building materials market for several times

psychological experts say that some trivial things in life can easily lead to depression, which needs people to adjust correctly. In particular, decoration is a pleasant thing. As long as we keep in mind these depression problems that are easy to occur in home decoration, and have ideological preparation, we can be calm in the face, and have a calm and steady treatment. Of course, if you are a depressed person, or the owner who is very afraid of the above problems in the decoration, you can choose the home decoration company to make the whole package or other construction methods. However, psychological experts said that as long as you can adjust your psychology well, it is a happy thing to think about moving to a new house after decoration. If you deal with it patiently, it will bring you pain and happiness. Generally, there won't be much problem. (Shuai Yuanzhi)




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