Summer is also a good time for home decoration

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[] when it comes to decoration, most people who have experienced this process will always describe it like this: too annoying! Especially in the hot summer, the weather is cloudy and sunny, whether to pack or not? It's really tangled. Facing this problem, there is only one answer: just be happy! Because home is a place that carries happiness and happiness, only with a happy mood can we pretend to be a home full of love. So is it good to decorate in summer? What problems should we pay attention to? The reporter interviewed three insiders on these two issues. [related reading: several types of decoration design of children's room] ◆ high temperature makes it easy to identify whether the materials are environmentally friendly (Zeng Lin, decoration design director of shengyutang of Yashe group) compared with other seasons, summer decoration is more conducive to the emission of formaldehyde due to high temperature and good ventilation, and it is also easier to identify whether the materials are environmentally friendly; Due to the long days in summer, the working hours of decoration workers are also relatively extended, which is conducive to shortening the construction period; In addition, the effect of decoration in summer is much better because the paint dries quickly. Of course, in summer decoration, we should also pay attention to some problems, such as moisture-proof materials, neutral decorative color, and maintaining indoor ventilation. ◆ brand selection companies are reassured and worry-free (Liaoyun, Secretary General of the home decoration branch of Chengdu Architectural Decoration Association) from some perspectives, summer is a good time for decoration. In summer, the weather is dry and the air convection is fast. When decorating, the latex paint and paint dry faster. However, there are still some problems to pay attention to in summer decoration. The first is the selection of materials, especially the dry wood, which is less prone to mildew and deformation; Secondly, during the construction process, attention should be paid to the treatment of joints in some places to prevent cracking or arching caused by thermal expansion and contraction. In summer, the temperature is high, so the owners who want to do decoration have better choose the brand decoration company, which is more worry-free and more guaranteed in the construction period of decoration. ◆ good weather is the guarantee of the construction period (Xudonghong, director of Guangdong Xingyi decoration design). The hot weather in summer may be the only concern for the owner. Because in terms of construction, the decoration company has rich experience and pays more attention to some details of decoration in summer. Moreover, the climate is better in summer, and the moisture on the wall is not so heavy, and the dryness is better. Even if putty is made, in winter and spring, the moisture will be sucked into the wall, which is difficult to dry completely. If you don't pay attention to it, it will lead to moldy latex paint and wallpaper, which is very important to ensure the construction period. There is also the need to pay attention to waterproof and fire prevention in summer decoration





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