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Renovation of old houses is far more complex than that of new houses, and there are many unexpected hidden situations. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the five steps of renovation of old houses to you. Let's have a look

the renovation of old houses is far more complex than the renovation of new houses, and there are many unexpected hidden situations. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the five steps of the renovation of old houses. Let's have a look

five steps for renovation and decoration of old houses

first, replacing building materials products

local installation or replacement of building materials products is the daily needs of consumers. If you are not a person with strong hands-on ability, it is difficult to change a light bulb, door lock, handle, not to mention changing toilets, installing hanging lights, installing hanging cabinets and other things with higher technical difficulties. Therefore, this service is the most common and trivial

II. Renovation of walls and floors

changing the appearance of the four walls of the space, which is the easiest way to change the face of the home. However, there are many dangers in the previous destructive actions, such as removing tiles, shoveling off the wall, etc., especially in the toilet and kitchen. There are many hidden dangers of water and electricity, and it is even more troublesome without the help of professional teams

III. local upgrading and transformation

refers to those parts involving fixed decoration and furniture replacement, including fixed wardrobe transformation, dining area transformation, storage transformation or local circuit waterway lighting transformation. Because it is necessary to complete the local upgrading of a part of the space, and the action is relatively large, it is very important to protect and make rational use of the parts that are not transformed

IV. renovation of a single room

the complete renovation of a room involves all types of work. At this time, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive design services before, because the construction period is relatively long and the quantities of work are relatively large, so it is more necessary to decorate according to professional decoration, which can't be sloppy. In particular, the details related to the connection of water and electricity and materials with other rooms need to be handled carefully; So we must find a professional renovation company

v. renovation of all rooms

this is several times more troublesome than the decoration of blank rooms, because you need to look ahead and backward. Even if it is completely redecorated, it is also layered. If some fixed materials are intact, they can be protected and continue to be used, such as floors. Now we advocate saving life, and the less we replace materials, the more environmentally friendly we are

common problems in the renovation and decoration of old houses

problem 1: the waterproof layer with poor waterproof effect

before the renovation of old houses, the kitchen and bathroom should first be tested for 48 hours of water storage and leakage detection to check the waterproof effect of the original waterproof works. If there is water leakage, the waterproof treatment must be done again. After the waterproof treatment, the tiles can be laid only after the ground is completely dry, otherwise the ground is easy to crack

problem 2: Nonstandard wires

due to the common problems of simple circuit distribution, aging wires, illegal wiring and so on in old houses, they cannot meet the power needs of modern families, so they must be completely transformed and rewired during decoration. In the past, most of the old houses used aluminum wire, but according to the national standard, copper wire must be used in the decoration, so it is necessary to replace the aluminum wire with copper wire, and at the same time use PVC insulated wire protection tube. If you need to install refrigerators, air conditioners and other high-power electrical appliances, it is recommended that the line should be a separate line

problem 3: corroded waterways

waterways are “ Blood vessels ”, It is also particularly important in the renovation of old houses. Generally speaking, there will be some unreasonable layout or corrosion of the original waterway pipeline, so the waterway must be thoroughly inspected before decoration. If the original pipeline is galvanized pipe that has been eliminated, it should be replaced with PP-R pipe with more environmentally friendly material during construction

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